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Again, been awhile since I've shared any of my gang's work. This commission by Brian Level really blew me away. Enjoy!

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This is brilliant, world class...

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This is amazing. I like black and white images and I remember this cartoon movie. it looks better with ink than with colors.

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wow, this is beautiful looking. love all the little details in it.

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Holy sh*t....

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Hog Hug?

This is gorgeous work. Seriously. I know you shouldn't need me to tell you, but you should be very proud of how this turned out. This could be promo material for Brad Bird's film. :)

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That's Awesome.

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glad to meet another IG fan on the Vine.

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Holy sh*t.. That guy got talent!

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Epic childhood movie is epic

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i cannn;t tipe ritee nw to0 amzed att de jrawing

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That art is on a whole other tier compared to most stuff on this site. (No offense).