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Yeah, it's sideways. Turn your head like an owl.
Yeah, it's sideways. Turn your head like an owl.

I drew the cover for issue # 1, and the response was underwhelming. This time around, I emailed my friend Chelsea Harris in Ohio, and asked her to hook me up. She sent me the original sketch for this, the black and white version I used, and a full color 'un that made me wish I could afford to do a full color cover. Still working on the innards, but I hope you enjoy this. To see more of her art, go check her gallery on CV: @wolfkeepadri.

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This is really cool! The comment on the bottom made me chuckle too :D

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@bumpyboo: You should see her interpretations of Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn! So good!

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I think it's looks better without color. There's something unique about black and white comics. Besides, why would you want to distract from that fantastic inking job? It's awesome.

Just curious, by the way; how are you selling these? Did find a publisher, or are you selling these on your own?

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It's a self-published 'zine. I'm currently giving them away in my locale. The $1 price or trade is in the event I move them through etsy. I give away ad space to people who ask, and who aren't hate-mongering douchebags.

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Thanks! I made several copies of the original ink work before I filled it in so I could dick around with color, but I agree that the ink looks the best.

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This looks great! Good on the both of you for doing this. I am going to check out @wolfkeepadri's image gallery.

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Cool. Nice work on the cover. Wished this had been posted vertically but that is just one of my gripes I guess. I happen to like 'zines and am active with them and have used Etsy and wemakezines.ning.com for projects and trades.

Great to see this posted here. Beautiful work.