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the story:

story started in the planet that faraway in other galaxy in this planetare lot of unknown energyand theres a race of aliens that exist by absorbing the energy.

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but the energy supplies in this planet started to runout
and those aliens created a new creature called F.I.R.S.T.

first can absorb any energy that targeted on him
take energy from the body of the others by using his needle that come from his head
and can control the absorbed energy as he wish and he do not affected from the negative effects.

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first was created to search a new energy supplies in the other galaxies
the aliens gave him half of the supplies of the energy in the planet that was enough power for the first to leave that galexy and start searching for new energy thet will save his plants from extinction and so the F.I.R.S.T. got on his mission.he flew in speed of light for searching for new energy supplies.

after couple of serching in the galaxies he found an energy source, that was red lantern ring energy.
first fought the red lantern end took his energy.

in the time he was searching for more energy supplies he fought all sorts of lanterns and helped other races.
he coop with lanterns corp, and once at one of his missions he fell in love ,get married and had a kidsand. he discovered that the source of the endless energy is the energy of the good fillens. and he understood that he can create a endless energy supplies for his planet.

he returned to his planet with his family and the solution for the problem of the energy.
he dicoverd that he came to his planet too late and it wasnt already extincted.

his bed emotions took on him control and he turned evil and destroyed anything that stood on his way, he started flying to other galexies and absorbed eny sourses of energy that was in his way. and in the places he visited was left only destruction and terror.

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he became evil ruler of the universe, the sedness ate him up from inside.

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after couple of years, his energy start ran out and he was defeated and his energy ended. hes lifeless body was flying in the infinite space for eternity.

after a while, in the space apeared a dimensional portal, and a big red creature came out. he was found by the red lantern and the creature woke up and took the ring from the red lantern and the ring changed to somthing even more powerfull becuase of the rage and anger that was inside that creature

the craeture changed to the horbal crasher (the crash lantern) he could'nt make energetic forms from his ring like the other lanterns but unlike them he could make an expolosion so strong that could destroy an entire galexy

the lifeless body of First was still flying in the space but the huge explosion of the crash lantern gave enough energy to revive him. once the first was revived he started to fight the crash lantern

first drained all of crasher energy and send him back to his demention.

First became the hero of this galaxy because he stopped the crash lantern and he saved the galexies from extinction.

and even thet he took control over his bad side and became a hero again, his sad emotions ate him from inside.becuase of that after a few years his energy ran out and he continued again to flow lifeless in an endles space waiting for opportunity to become a hero again and repay with good for his evil deeds...

all forms

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Energy absorption isn't the most original power, but this idea is interesting nonetheless.

I think I would have preferred it if he had remained insane after his people went extinct and he stayed a villain, and one of his children he left behind developed similar powers and wound up becoming a hero two stand against his father (He could call himself... SECOND? No, that's stupid. Ignore that)

Anyway, cool idea

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@Imagine_Man15: wow you replied really fast

anyway you have a good idea, but actually is only the little part of the story

actually when First returned to the planet and he returned with his wife and two kids and after he went-insane killing but his children still survived....

so the cane tray and avenge--.--

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sorry people but i had a little problems with the posting and that why the pictures are small

and some of the pictures have animation but you cant see them here because you cant click on them -__-

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WoW that's a great idea.. i liked that ^___^

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@artiom1q2w: You really put a lot of work into this and I didn't expect the animation. Nice touch. Only thing suggest, and not to be rude, is to double-check spelling when you write but that is my only "gripe". You did a nice job. Very unique.

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@Decept-O: thanks, i know my grammar is not my strong side so if something wrong feel free to say (but be more exact)