Excelsior the Photonic Man

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A trans-dimensional visitor from a world populated by superhumans, Excelsior is sent to Earth to wage war on others of his kind bent on enslaving the human race for their own malevolent purposes. Assuming the identity of private detective Barry Beckett, he quickly adapts to American life, coming to view Empire City as his new home. Armed with powers and technology "beyond anything imagined by the human mind" Excelsior embarks on an "epic battle for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness."


Heir to a race of near-omnipotent superbeings, Excelsior is tremendously powerful, drawing energy directly from the sun and channeling it through his unique trans-human physiology. By manipulating the energy fields surrounding his body, he can fly at super-sonic speeds, melt solid lead with his optic beams, and lift objects in excess of a thousand tons. His strength increases when he travels through outer space, due to the vast amounts of solar radiation beyond the Earth's atmosphere.

In addition to his native-born abilities, Excelsior uses various advanced technologies in his "interminable struggle against the forces of darkness." A pair of cybernetic goggles enhance his optic beams, also allowing him to see in total darkness and sense invisible energy sources. A force-field generator worn around his waist augments his photonic powers and provides added protection from anti-matter beams (his one weakness). The generator also functions as a D-jumping platform, granting him limited teleportation between alternate realities.


Excelsior the Photonic Man is an open source character specifically created for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish; author citations are not necessary.