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So Ted Grant has already been in Earth 2 comics, one panel showing his face. It said Grant and showed his face, so I had to work that in. The back story is a little squiffy but here is the basic concept.

Ted Grant was a boxer who was framed for murder and sentenced to life without parole. But the World Army had better plans, they got him a pardon and made him a soldier. He became one of their best instructors for hand to hand combat. He even taught Batman, Catwoman, and Robin, at one time or another. Ted had a special armored suit made and put his boxing nickname "Wildcat" on the chest. The suit made him look like one of the Wonders. But after the first invasion was over and the Wonders were dead Ted left the world army and Wildcat behind. He want back to boxing. Recently after the second invasion started Ted was visited by his daughter he never knew he had, and she looked like a cat woman hybrid. Her name is Yolanda Bronson, she explained that she was visited by a GIANT wild cat calling itself Tepeyollotl. It told her the same thing Mercury told Jay before giving him the speed powers. That the Earth was in danger from a great threat still and needed heroes. Mercury chose Jason Garrick, the Egyptian gods gave powers to Khalid Ben-Hassin and Kendra Munoz-Saunders, and the Earth itself chose Allan Scott as its champion. The Aztec god Tepeyollotl chose Yolanda Bronson, making her stronger, faster, and more agile along with other abilities and senses and making her look like a cat. While together, bonding as they fought, Ted found out his daughter went into Mixed Martial Arts fighting and was making a name for herself.

Here is sort of where the back story falls apart. Does he die trying to keep her safe or rescuing her from the World Army or doe they both stay alive and there are two Wildcats?

Also I wasn't sure if I should include Ted at all, or Yolanda, because Ted was already shown, but I could merge them all into Yolanda.

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You really have great ideas for this universe. enjoyed every single concept..

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Thoughts and idea on this

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