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Hello folks,and good day to you.So let me start with this,ive been posting stuff here for awhile now and i gotta say that seeing your beatifull suportive comments realy has made me a happy person,filled my heart with joy :)
So today im gonna post for you directly on this topic with no external linking a 3 page comic i did with my friend writer of 15 Year Comics

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We at 15 year comics realy apreciate the support(its what keeps us going) so if you like what you see feel free to comment or even just leave a like on our Facebook page :)
If you have curiosities on 15 year comics feel free to check our site
Thank you again for your support,and stay awesome!

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You're calling us awesome! You're awesome! Look at your freaking awesome comic, man!!

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Damn. That's pretty cool.

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Very very good. Congrats, we need more!

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That was awesome!! I loved the colors especially. Where can I read more?

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@battle_forum_junkie:Thanks man,well for now at 15 year comics we have this and another comic called Blood and Guts,a series i will start doing the art for(for years to come),and in the future we are planning on releasing alot of series,so if you wanna stay informed on all things 15 year comics check our Facebook page :)

@wavemotioncannon: Thank you and with that attitude,you are bound to find more in the near future ;)

@jaken7: Thanks!

@doctor_wheatley: Thank you very much!IWe will try to do our best :D

@uncanny_xfactor: I may be awesome,but its the awesome people like you that keep me going,so yeah at the end of the day we are all awesome! amen