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Ok, those are the entries:

LukeStoneStudios :

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payno :

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Time for voting is one week from now. Good luck, both are great entries!

@shatterstar please pin this

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I love both designs, but @lukestonestudios' design really looks like they are super heroes/villains first and foremost.

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One week vote time is a bit long, especially considering the contest went like... a month. Lets wrap voting up by Thursday noon PST. If no winner is decided by then...sudden death, next vote wins.

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I like them both, and LukeStoneStudios's villains seem more effective in a battle, but I think I like payno's artistic style is more uniform and sound. I vote for payno.

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Having a hard time on this one. I really dig Payno's style of the characters, really nice animated style. Yet, I think I have to cast my vote for LukeStoneStudios because each character is very unique and reflective of the instrument to a degree. I think the selling point is the "Vocals" for me.

My vote is for LukeStoneStudios.

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both cool, but the "gas mask" make the decision.

he reminded me my character in the dc universe online(the pyromancer with gas mask).

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Congrats @lukestonestudios on your first win, the next contest is yours to start. Check out the winners thread to see what others have done if you're looking for ideas. Any problems or want someone else to run the show let me or @bumpyboo know.

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