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Hello everyone and welcome to my second Character Creation Challenge for you all! Just a reminder, this is NOT a contest, it's just a fun challenge for you all. So, my challenge for you all now is to create a character with the first 3 powers you get from this link: http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Random and create an artwork of your character well as a bio.

However, there are 3 rules and restrictions for this challenge and for this thread:

Rules & Restrictions

1. Guys, be honest. Please use the first 3 powers you get from the link, even if they suck, make the best of them. Do not add any additional powers.

2. In your bio of your character, you are not limited to much information you include except, that you must include their 3 powers.

3. Do not tell anyone that their artwork is bad, or it sucks, etc., this is supposed to be fun, so be nice to one another.

Now click that link 3 times and get drawing,

Have fun!

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Dude...I'm about to buy a graphics tablet soon. And I need to ask if you know the best drawing program that I could use?

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Oooh! And no deadlines, I'm liking this!

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This is a great way to create a character, a sort of random powers generator!

My three powers were Death Infusion, Pyro-Kinetic Surfing and Body Heat Camouflage.

Here is my character (I might do more):


No Caption Provided

The mysterious Wraithfire's body is ingulfed in 'cold fire'; flames that burn cold instead of hot. She can use the cold fire to enable her to fly, to mask her body heat and to fire as projectiles. Wraithfire has the ability to infuse the cold fire with the power of death. When the fire touches it's victim it causes an agonising burning sensation as it drains the life from their body, rapidly killing them.

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can i make more than one?

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@leatherwing: Oh, man, I wish I could draw better, because I loved these three powers: Sacrificial Creation, Dark Fire Breath, and Supernatural Priest Training. Very cool lol.

Edit: second attempt: Anger Empowerment, Pure Ice Manipulation, and Air Augmentation.

Third attempt: Religion Embodiment, Electrical Conversion, and Light Empowerment.

I could soooo make use of those. Dang I wish I could draw people better. :}

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gonna put these here

and be right back XD




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Had some fun with this lol XD

Gonna maybe keep doing it as a way to challenge my self

Okay here is my character

Eric ZANZIBAR Smith!!!!!!!!!!

No Caption Provided






Eric Alexander Smith later nicknamed (or AKA)Zanzibar by his mother for his peaceful nature and self aquired ability to calm himself despite of the circumstance.

Eric is able to create magical arrows as a result of the breaking of a mystical barrier that had been holding down a nexus of energy filled with multidimensional anomalies(lol ). He is also able augment projectiles and can even augment himself amping his strikes and his body turning himself into a living weapon.While this makes him nigh indestructible and pushes his speed almost infinitely,It feeds entirely off his emotions and depending on which dimensional augment he is using could spiral his mind deep into that emotion and since he mostly uses his powers in combat anger is one of those main emotions.Although anger empowers him the most it could also be fatal for his state and people around him.Creating the aura of a large red arrow it immerses him in a blind rage where he attacks everything in his vicinity .

He has also contracted the ability to cover his entire body in a mystical metal that had been found barricading the energies that were released into him.This metal has been shown to take missiles from when the power had been hunted.Although the metal shows great durability it can be broken if Eric reaches his "Red Rage " state , acting as shrapnel from the energies coming from Erics body being uncontrollable.This could also be fatal for him since the metal was created as a barricade,and can reactivate for that purpose and close him in forever till he returns to his once peaceful pacified state.

With these powers given to him Eric has taken up learning the bow and is adept in the field of archery

Lol Put A lot of thought into this actually makes me want to continue with it.

I also don't know how "zanzibar" (the word) popped into my head but I though it would be a cool name to give him since its a peaceful island and the very exact opposite of what his powers give him.

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Wish i could remember wich powers i got.