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I know it's Valentines Day, but I just decided to take a second to post this image I have been feverishly working on...my rouge gallery of the EVO Universe, the villainous superhuman occult known as the Zombie Nation:

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From right to left we have:

Jiang-Shi - The Fire Plasma wielding witch...(allows her to achieve flight, as well as manipulate and project plasma heat at a level where she can bring down a city.

Nachzehrer - The sadistic female powerhouse (endowed with superhuman strength, enhanced speed, durability, and regenerative healing)

The Draugr - The psychotic sword and ax wielding juggernaut for the group (Immense superhuman strength, enhanced speed, unbelievable durability, and fast regenerative ability)

Revenant - Leader of the group and dark matter wielder (capable of absorbing matter down to a molecular level and converting it into dark matter giving him a finite about of power. With it he can create shields, achieve flight, unleash devastating energy projects, and even create solid constructs which he can mentally control.

Wendigo - Female Sonic Wield of the Group (her entire body when hit with a high level of sound becomes like a speaker allowing her to achieve flight, create powerful force fields out of sonic energy, and unleashed devastating sonic projections.

The Ghoul - Blade wielding sociopath speedster - (possesses superhuman speed allowing him to run up to Mach 6, low level superhuman strength, durability and high level regenerative healing.

Should be noted that they are all satanic worshipers, and they are all...cannibals...

The Zombie Nation are characters under the EVO Universe, thanks for viewing!

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Awesome and creepy art.

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Keep up the good work

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