Batman: Arkham Knight: Dracula (Special DLC)

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Just a fan art I made to express my wish for a special DLC of Dracula in Batman Arkham game. I've always wanted Dracula to be the true final boss. Batman VS Dracula. They both roam the night, they both scare people, but one is superhuman, one isn’t. One is evil, one isn’t. One is immortal, one isn't.

Here's a little story that I've imagined what could possibly happened if Dracula was in Arkham Knight game...

After the defeat of the Scarecrow and Arkham Knight, who eventually revealed as Jason Todd, Batman and Alfred decided to keep themselves away from the citizens of Gotham City for temporary. Few months after Batman fake his death, he takes out some Two-Face thugs, and save the day as always. He’s back in business as usual.

As the day goes on, one by one, the people of Gotham City turning into a supernatural being, vampire. An unknown terror and a new threat awaits the Dark Knight. Alfred says that he haven’t seen such things like this before. Batman sort to find out if the vampires are real or is it some kind of a prank.

Eventually, as Batman fighting through the hordes of vampires, he couldn’t believe what he just witnessed. He never thought that he would face against the supernatural beings. Batman told Alfred that those things are real... Batman is struggling fighting against them. After a while, Batman got an aid by Robin, Nightwing and Batgirl to take down the vampires which they, too, heard the news. Batman states that this is far more dangerous than the Scarecrow’s and Arkham Knight’s schemes.

After a while, a few miles away from the three islands of Miagani, Bleake and Founders’, the sinister, dark and huge majestic castle of Dracula rises from the sea. This will mark a brand new area and the 4th borough in Arkham Knight game. It appears that the long bridge from Dracula’s castle connects with the Founders’ island.

Later, Dracula calling out his minions to return to their one true master by roaring with a voice of darkness. Joker appears beside Batman, “Oh look Batsy! What do we have there! Beware of the Dark Lord Batsy, this could be your worst nightmare~ Hahahahaha!” says Joker with utter surprised and warned Batman that this could be Batman’s worst nightmare.

Nightwing: Bruce... That voice... This is bad, real bad!

Batgirl: Is that... Dracula?

Robin: Oh boy, first was Scarecrow, now what?!

Batman: Speaking of the “Devil”.

Suddenly, Dracula appears behind Batman, Robin, Nightwing and Batgirl.

Batman: Count Dracula... You are real...

Robin: You have got to be kidding me...

Dracula: Hello, dear mortals. You must be the saviour of this city.

Batman: You turned everyone into your kind. For that, I cannot accept.

Dracula: Then worship me, for your crime of defying the King of One Thousand Vampires, and repent in the afterlife. There are none before me, and will be none after me. I am the Dark Lord of Gotham City, Count Dracula! HUMANS ARE NOT WORTH THE AIR THEY BREATH! My thirst of blood is inevitable. I will turn this Gotham City into a worst nightmare, hellish like the abyss, and you mortals, as for your punishment for defying me, is DEATH!

Dracula summons his minions of vampires and attack the Bat Family. Dracula will be the hardest boss in Batman Arkham games. In chronological order of the bosses throughout the Batman Arkham games, Dracula is the true final boss. In a battle between mortals and immortals, who will remain victorious?

Hope you enjoy.