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Each week we gather up the coolest comic art that you'll never see in comics. The reason you won't is because artists often do sketches for fun or commissions and post them on their blogs and Tumblrs. They sometimes even arrange commissions through their sites so be sure to check them out.

We're playing a little catch up here. Last week was WonderCon so I wasn't able to post any art. Hopefully you got a chance to check out the Mystery Art Challenge. If not, you'll be able to find it below along with the final images from the challenge.

You're probably aware that we're big fans of Hawkeye and Kate Bishop here at Comic Vine. Michael Walsh posted this great sketch of her on his Tumblr along with one of Abe Sapien.

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Skottie Young posted a couple sketches on his site this week, including what he described as "If Pokemon met Married with Children."

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Now that Gabriel Hardman is doing a STAR WARS comic, he's doing a lot of Star Wars sketches. Check out what he posted on his blog. (Of course the last one is NOT Star Wars-related...)

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Peter Nguyen was busy at WonderCon and he also posted some very interesting Damian Wayne re-designs in his Tumblr.

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Denis Medri often draws movie and TV characters. He posted an Addam's Family sketch on his Deviant Art page.

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Agnes Garbowska wasn't at WonderCon but she was at Boston Comic Con. She posted some commissions on her Tumblr.

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I recently discovered Clay Mann's Tumblr. Here's some recent commissions he posted.

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Joel Gomez was at WonderCon and took part in the Mystery Art Challenge. He posted some commissions on his Tumblr. He drew a picture for my daughter but I'll have to scan it and post next week.

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Khary Randolph posted this cool Colossus sketch on his Deviant Art Page this week.

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With the return of Doctor Who, Francesco Francavilla posted a sketch for the episode, "The Bells of Saint John" on his blog.

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Paolo Rivera posted a commission of Carnage on his blog last week.

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Chris Giarrusso posted some character sketches and a sketch version of the cover to G-MAN: COMING HOME on his website. The first issue is also available on comiXology and the full version is coming soon. And check out his Kingpin commission.

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I'll admit I wasn't a huge fan of Daredevil's armored look but check out the sketch Philip Tan posted on his Facebook. Almost makes me want to see it again in comics.

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Brian Buccellato was also at WonderCon and did the Mystery Art Challenge. Here's a couple sketches he did at the show that I was able to snap pics of. It's almost time for us to be able to see the new Reverse Flash!

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No Caption Provided

Mahmud Asrar posted a couple of pre-show commissions for LSCC 2013 on his Deviant Art Page.

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What's Pete Ross doing these days in the New 52? Check out this sketch Gene Gonzales posted on his blog.

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Todd Nauck was insanely busy at WonderCon. I barely had a chance to talk to him (and I wasn't sure if he'd have time for the Mystery Art Challenge). He posted A LOT of commissions on his Tumblr. I was tempted to post them all but here's a bunch and you can check out the rest on his Tumblr.

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This edition of the Mystery Art Challenge was the Hulk and an Easter Egg. I figured Hulk hadn't been done and since it was Easter weekend…why not an Easter Egg? The artist have no idea who or what the challenge will involve. They agree to do it, I start the camera and give them the challenge. They literally have seconds to come up with an idea. Check out what Peter Nguyen, Ray-Anthony Height, Joel Gomez, Brian Buccellato and Todd Nauck came up with.

Here's the images:

Peter Nguyen
Peter Nguyen
Ray-Anthony Height
Ray-Anthony Height
Joel Gomez
Joel Gomez
Brian Buccellato
Brian Buccellato
Todd Nauck
Todd Nauck

That's it for this week. We will of course be back with more next week. Awesome Toy Picks will also return tomorrow.

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Really cool stuff, but I especially love the style of Colossus

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#2 Posted by kid Apollo (961 posts) - - Show Bio

i love the Damian Wayne series of pics, especially the Red Hood and Red Robin ones.

i met Agnes Garbowski at Toronto Comiccon a few weeks back, shes like the nicest person. if you get a chance go say hi

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Great Choices

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...That Pikachu...

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Damian Wayne concepts were really cool!

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#6 Posted by JamDamage (1195 posts) - - Show Bio

as always Nguyen and Young (no complaints) but who is Clay Mann? HOLY HOT SHIT!! His women are awsome!

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#7 Posted by sinestro_GL (3651 posts) - - Show Bio

Oh Kara...

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#8 Posted by Battle_Forum_Junkie (10328 posts) - - Show Bio

I think Todd Nauck's Black Cat, Tim Drake, and Mary Jane drawings was my favorites.

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#9 Posted by dcfox (189 posts) - - Show Bio

Boston comic con hasn't happened it yet. It's at the end of the month. Can't wait.

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#10 Posted by Twentyfive (3057 posts) - - Show Bio

Good stuff!

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#11 Posted by Dark_Vengeance_ (15333 posts) - - Show Bio

Those Robin re-designs are the best thing I have seen in a while. Go Peter Nguyen!

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#12 Posted by Mr. Kamikaze (834 posts) - - Show Bio

Whoa, that Supergirl is gorgeous. This Clay Mann dude can draw some beautiful women. What's he doing these days?

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Slade and Tim Drake by Todd Nauck make me very feel very sentimental. The Michael Walsh stuff is amazing as always.

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I also really like the Nightwing, Batgirl, and Red Hood redesigns for Damian Wayne.

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#17 Posted by CitizenJP (782 posts) - - Show Bio

I love this one.

No Caption Provided

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ha! I love how in the super robin pic from Timothy Nyugen he's carrying kryptonite. It's definitely something Damian would do.

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#19 Edited by KnightRise (4811 posts) - - Show Bio

Those Damian pictures were fantastic. And man, dat Supergirl.

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I love Kate Bishop's new ride!

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Damian Nightwing and Red Robin is awesome!

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The Colossus art piece ftw!

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Nguyen's are sweet! Is he the artist for any ongoing series'?

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#24 Posted by ArtisticNeedham (2727 posts) - - Show Bio

Do you have to pay for the art challenge commissions? Or do the artists give you a discount or free since its advertising or something? If you don't mind me asking.

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Great stuff. I wish the tv show Comic Book Men had staff from Comicvine running it. I was disappointed with season 2. That how has become Pawn Stats Wanna Be and needs more comic books and people who buy comics.

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Wow, the Red Robin Damian redesign is soooo much better than the actual Red Robin costume:

No Caption Provided

The fact that the "wings" fold up into a jacket is brilliant, the one-direction bandoleer is a great decision, the rocket boots look much better than the idea of a jetpack, and to top it all off he worked in Tim's staff. It's almost enough to make me like the Red Robin name. (It's not, but almost.)

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Oh my god damian's drawings are sick. peter is one of the most talented aritists i have ever seen. especially the red robin one.

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#29 Posted by FlyingGrayson22 (32 posts) - - Show Bio

@outlawrenegade: Dude, those Power Rangers redesigns are awesome! I really like his Zeo/Tron designs. A Power Rangers comic would make my pull list complete.

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So many great pieces of art this week. Like so many others, I loved the Colossus piece. Both Mahmud Asrar and Todd Nauck consistently deliver great art.

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Wow, it's very rare to have this much amazing work in a single week of this article! Let me try to even remember all of the amazing standouts: Damien Wayne redesigns, Skottie Young's Astroboy and Ash, Poison Ivy, the Philip Tan Daredevil, and the Teen Titans Go! Slade by Todd Nauck.

And not usually a Paolo Rivera fan, but that Carnage has got to be the best of the week.

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love the kid nightwing

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wow, I really like Peter Nguyen's red robin. I am not a fan of booths take (too many belts) really cool take, maybe a little too red hood but still cool

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Red Robin Damian is sweeet!

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This too was my favorite. I hope he does more of these

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I want that Paolo Rivera Carnage so bad I can taste the symbiote...damnit...

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this stuff is amazing and that Pokemon one had me losing my mind :)

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#39 Posted by IcePrince_X (5092 posts) - - Show Bio

those sucker punch ladies look great!

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#40 Posted by Donovan Montgomery (5752 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm glad someone else appreciates that DD amour.

Most of the other pics are good to.

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Got to meet Skottie Young again this weekend - can't say enough about how nice this man is. Todd Nauck continues to do great work. But that Colossus - is impressive.

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I like the Night Robin and Bat Boy. Who made that and where can I find more?

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#46 Posted by snarkybits (410 posts) - - Show Bio

Love that Clay Mann Supergirl.

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That Poison Ivy and Clay Mann work are fantastic!

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#48 Posted by yo_yo_fun (654 posts) - - Show Bio

Damian's redesigns is awesome!

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