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Each week we search for the coolest comic book art that won't ever appear in comics. The reason they won't is because artists often do sketches for fun or for commissions and post them on their websites, blogs and Tumblrs. Many artists even arrange commissions through their sites so be sure to check them out for more information.

Marcus To posted a commission he did recently of Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne on his Tumblr.

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You're going to start to see a theme here this week.

== TEASER ==

Chris Giarrusso posted a Batman sketch on a con program guide on his website. He also posted a sketch of his character, G-Man (no relation).

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Freddie Williams II posted a bunch of sketches on his TwitPic page this week.

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Have you seen the common theme that's been popping up this week?

Brett Booth has been announced as the new artist for NIGHTWING beginning with issue 19. He posted some Nightwing sketches on his blog along with a new Cyclops sketch and some Dr. Fate designs. You can see more of the different variations on Fate's costume over at his blog.

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Denis Medri posted another Rockabilly picture on his Deviant Art Page but this time it's Nightwing and the Riddler. He also posted a Dylan Dog pic.

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Joel Gomez posted an older sketch he did of Harley Quinn on his Tumblr this week.

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Daniel HDR posted a few commissions on his Tumblr this week. He often posts work-in-progress shots so you can see the different stages of his art. The Deathstroke one is part of a bigger drawing he's working on.

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Phil Noto has updated his Tumblr once again this week. It's another from the "Hank Pym Photo Archives."

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Philip Tan posted some more sketches on his Facebook page.

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Have you been reading COMEBACK drawn by Michael Walsh? Issue 3 came out this week. Check out the sketches of Legion and Thor Michael posted on his Tumblr.

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Mike Mayhew posted this cool Wolverine sketch card through his Twitter this week.

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Are you familiar with Kim Possible? I've actually never watched the show. But I do have to say this is an interesting rendition of the character Terry Dodson posted on his Deviant Art Page.

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Paolo Rivera posted a couple commissions on his blog of James Bond and Bettie Page.

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Todd Nauck posted another X-Men 1984 sketch on his Tumblr. Such a great era for the team.

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Jim Cheung posted a few sketches on his Facebook page. The Spider-Man one was a donated NYCC 2012 Auction piece. Proceeds went to St.Jude's Children's Hospital.

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That's it for this week. The common theme I mentioned was the abundance of Batman sketches this week. More than usual. We'll keep our eyes peeled for more cool art for the next installment.

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Nightwing with finger stripes! :)

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Really like Brett Booth's Nightwing and the Dr. Fate redesign is one of the best of the New 52, even if it is a little busy.

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Oh. My. God.

Brett Booth is taking over on Nightwing!!?!?


His art was the only redeeming quality of Teen Titans.

The pics posted here are awesome and I love the design of Dick's costume. I can't wait for issue #19 now!

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do i even need to say it? BRETT BOOTH!

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Well these are all full of WIN!

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Who is the woman with the blue hair above Batman?

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@nj06 said:

Who is the woman with the blue hair above Batman?

Ramona Flowers.

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just noticed how much i miss the show kimpossible

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Brett Booth is killing it!!!

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Brett Booth's Dr. Fate is awesome.

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Phil Noto Is amazing, I love his art, It brakes my heart to see him wasted on the God awful Thunderbolts book....

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The new Doctor Fate costume look awesome!!!

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nightwing won it for me!!

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Brett Booth's design's are awesome !

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Really liked Phillip Tan's Daniel HDR's and Freddie Willimas pieces

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Bret Booth and Philip Tan's work is just ridiculously detailed and immense. They're bloody amazing!

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Guys, what do I have to do to get a Rockabilly Batman comic?

Because I'll do it.

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Oh man, is that a Jim Cheung rendition of Ramona Flowers? Boy howdy!

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Mmm, Booth pencils and an inked Trigon.

Deathstroke looked good too.

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Dr Fate is AWESOME!

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Awesome Dr Fate, great Batman's, just plain old excellent really

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Wow those are some great pics.

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I'm so glad I don't have to, like, vote or anything on these for whatever reason.

It'd be way too hard.

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Lots of good Batman stuff this week.

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That Dr Fate concept pic is incredible.

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that Dr Fate design is sick

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Wow, cyclops looks good when done by someone that actually can draw

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Brett Booth!Seriously,... I mean that man is a genius.His cover design and art from the Teen Titans surprised me....and now he is back with Nightwing!Eagerly waiting for issue 19.

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Dr. Fate looks ridiculously awesome drawn by Booth!.

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it's going to suck not seeing Booth on Teen Titans anymore but having him on Nightwing is going to be awesome!!



also does anyone else remember when the New 52 started and everyone was saying how much they didn't like Booth's work and now look at everyone saying how great he is

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the nightwings are awesome!

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@judasnixon: Unfortunately there are quite a few books that I've felt Phil Noto's artwork was wasted on... I thought he was getting lucky with Ghost, but I guess I was wrong.

Honestly I would love to see Phil doing more Bat titles. He was great on Batgirl, although the story he was handed for Sirens wasn't exactly awesome.

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@JamDamage said:

That Dr Fate concept pic is incredible.

I Know. And all the Bat-family pics as well.

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No offense to anyone but, Why all these chibi drawings lately?? Its not kindergarten you know.

Mike Mayhew: Nice wolverine! keep it up!

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whos that lady 2 pictures below kitty and piotr?

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That Rocketeer piece is amazing!

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Booth's art reminds me of the work of Tim Sale...so fluid and it blends well with the characters

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Yes, Dr. Fate looks great!

And, Steve Ditko made every artist after him draw all those wed-lines on Spider-man's costume!

Fate is gonna be a nightmare to draw!

(Reminds me of when they added all that stuff to Moon Knight... that had to be hell to draw!)

All the art is great... loved the Betty and Bond!

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I really like Daniel HDR's Deathstroke. I think that Deathstroke is the only character whose pre-Flashpoint look I favored to his New 52 costume. I mean, his New 52 costume is okay and I like certain parts of it, but there's some I miss from his old costume, like those "strings" (if they can be called that) that used to hang behind his head and the foldover boots. If they could find a way to merge the best parts from both into one costume, then I'd be extremely happy.

Although I jhave to say that I freaking LOVE Trigon's new look, especially the way that Phillip Tan draws it. Dr. Fate's new costume also looks pretty amazing. It looks more sorcerer-like than before.

I find it funny that s many artists are now shifting over to drawing the New 52 costumes as opposed to the older looks, especially because a few weeks ago, I saw someone pointing out how artists usually stick to the pre-Flashpoint costumes.

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OMG Kim Possible and Bettie Page! Don't see them on here very much. Love the comic book version of Kim Possible.

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Am I the only one who absolutely despises Brett Booth?

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Great chit!

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Doc Fate redesigns wins all.

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#45 Posted by Azrael66 (278 posts) - - Show Bio

Please everybody, post on Brett Booth's blog telling him how much you love his Fate designs! Hopefully he'll pitch the idea to DC who could potentially give him Doc Fate an ongoing with Booth on the art!!!!

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I love Kim Possible!! This pic is FANTASTIC! Imagine if Terry Dobson drew Shego, wow!

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Nauck and Williams continue to deliver - glad to see that the latter will be at the KC Con in April. I plan on bartering first-born for a sketch cover.

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Time and again both Brett Booth and Philip Tan knock me off my feet with their art. All the art posted is wonderful but their work just never ceases to amaze me.

Noto and Nauck's styles are so instantly recognizable and I enjoy all they do. Michael Walsh and Mike Mayhew always manage a lot of action and great characters. I really love that Spidey and Black Cat by Cheung. Nice to see a Bettie Page piece here, even if it is just a profile. Looks great, nice work by Rivera.

Freddie Williams' style is somewhat reminiscent of Todd Nauck's work. Not a bad thing by any means. His Batman is a bit more "wide" than other renditions of him but I like the style he's got going, esp the inks.

More Terry Dodson, please!

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I like Rockabilly art style... very realistic...it's like Nolan verse, but more Bada$$

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To, Rivera, Dodson, Mayhew, Walsh, Nauck, Cheung are all so awesome! I love their work! Phillip Tan's work has grown on me more.