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Counter Clockwise from the top:

Galactarro the Consuming: Galactus & Starro

Despairilus: Despero & Annihilus

Dark Thanatos: Darksied & Thanos

Luthor Gordian: Lex Luthor & The Sphinx

The Guardian Corp of the Galaxy:

Kilodrax: Kilowog + Drax

Mora Sapphire: Gamora + Star Sapphire

Star Lantern: Hal Jordan + Peter Quill (in Kyle Rayner's outfit)

Tomar Yondu: Tomar Re + Yondu

Root: Medphyll + Groot

R'ck't: Rocket + Ch'p

Saint Martinex: Saint Walker + Martinex

Ultra Brainiac: Ultron + Brainiac

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omgomomgomg. I love amalgams in battles, but in art? Even better. Superman and Nova, fit perfectly together in this piece. The vivid colors make everything stand out. But the balance to the left is sorta heavy compared to the right. I think it's how the lines are a lot thicker.

My two other favorite amalgams here are. Star Lantern and Root.

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Amazing! :)

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Finished it eh? Yeah, it's really cool having a complete vision of the character.

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I love the colour work you have done here :)

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this is superduper!

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This is so dope!

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@deadcool_xd: Hey! Nothing pops up. If it is a description, pm it to me!

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srry about that some guy was trolling the thread so I had to delete it. Nice artwork anyway though. I set it to my wallpaper background.

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very cool ,

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@frischdvh: Another one I missed. This is great, love the designs and colors on display. Good job.