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The challenge was to combine Red Robin with Darkhawk. Great work from everyone who took part. Time to vote for your favorite.


Voting ends January 23rd

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Gotta give it to sagejester for a complete vision of the character

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I love the anatomy on a tough pose from Badger, but wish there was more attention to the suit. And Frisch kicks ass once again with something I would love to draw, but I don't see Robin in the design. So I give me vote to Sagejester clean lines, nice backstory and just the right amounts of design elements you can tell that it is a mash up of both characters

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All three are awesome but the cross belt on his chest sells it for me. Plus that perspective is awesome.

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Sagejester, echoing what others have said already, just a really well done piece.

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FrischDVH's design is brilliant but it would be take a month just to draw it in one panel for me.

So I'm going for sagejester's pic which is relatively simple and classic and also brilliant.

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The one at the top Sagejester

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Sagejester embodies the two characters very well.

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OK, voting has now ended.

And the winner is @sagejester.

Congratulations and over to you for the next contest.

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thanks everyone!

@payno Blizzard tonight. I should have something going tomorrow :)

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When is the next amalgam contest?