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On Wednesday's episode of Arrow, titled "Haunted," Matt Ryan reprised his role as John Constantine from the cancelled NBC show Constantine. Fanboys/girls, like myself, have been in a constant state of illogical disbelief coming up with excuse after excuse as to why this happened. However, on the November 4 episode of Arrow, we got more of John Constantine.

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In "Haunted," we learn that Oliver Queen actually met John Constantine on the island, back in the past and he's kind of like a pretty beat-up version of Indiana Jones. Oliver and John team-up and John tells Oliver that there's more going on the island than he knows.

Eventually, John finds an artifact that he's looking for, but Oliver saves his life because all artifacts have traps attached to them. John tells Oliver that he owes him one, and that actually comes in handy because years down the line, Oliver needs help from John.to save Sara's soul. John comes to the rescue, they do some magic and Sara's soul is returned to her body, so she's no longer a crazed killer, thanks to the Lazarus Pit.

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Look! It's the Orb of Horus! I'm sure we'll see that come back into play to develop Hawkgirl in future episodes. Anyway, I normally don't watch Arrow. It's just not to my liking, but I really enjoyed the way Constantine was integrated into the episode. Personally, I wish there was MORE John Constantine in the episode, but I'll take what I can get, and while Oliver meeting John in the past felt a little forced, it ultimately worked out for the best as far as the story goes.

Matt Ryan steals the show. He may not have as much screen-time as everyone else, but when he's on the screen, it's all about Constantine. Because of the direction this season, adding in the mystic elements Constantine has to offer really works, especially because there is a connection between John and Damien Darhk.

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The best part about this episode is that the door isn't closed. While it seems like Matt Ryan coming to Arrow was a one-time deal, there's lots of wiggle room for him to come back in and help the team out, and as a fan of Ryan's work, I'm excited for the potential of his return.

What did you think of Constantine's return to the show? Let us know.

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#1 Posted by WarDishy_ (1252 posts) - - Show Bio

It felt super rushed and contrived, but I didn't even care. I really dug it. ESPECIALLY the way they wormed in his theme from the NBC show. Gave me shivers.

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I agree with Ward. Loved it. They worked him in beautifully and I hope we see more of him. NBC's loss.

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Thank you very very much for writing this. I was really unsure about checking this out because I didn't want to see a watered down version of Matt Ryan's interpretation of the character, and because I don't really like Arrow, but now I'll be sure to give the episode a watch.

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^Agree with the first 2 comments.

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I was positively grinning at Ryan's role. I guess I could see how it'd have been pretty jarring if you didn't know who Constantine was or that he was coming to this episode, but as others have said that didn't put me off.

I hope this was a litmus test for CW, whose Supernatural/Vampire Diaries/Originals have me confident they could easily add a Constantine (or magic/mystic DC characters in general) show to their network and do it decently.

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I hope they bring back his show!

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Best part was the peacock feather. I laughed out loud.

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#8 Posted by Stefano (2547 posts) - - Show Bio

@drgnx said:

I hope they bring back his show!

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Love the Constantine show!!! Wish they bring it back!

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Loved Constantine in this episode. Having him appear on the island was just a little off, but the fact that TWO military forces, a freighter ship and Russian sub have arrived on the island proves that it's not nearly as secluded as you'd think. Really hope that we get to see more of the mystical stuff of the island explored. Oliver's only got two more years (counting this season) on the island before he's supposed to be rescued.

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#11 Posted by CRTSDE (8 posts) - - Show Bio

Was so great to see Constantine back on the screen, the only complaint i have is that i wanted more Constantine. Lol

I only hope someone took notice and picks up the show at some point.

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Loved his cameo.....it just feels like a waste (for us) to have the favor used on Sara who's not going to be on Arrow anymore with Legends of Tomorrow coming out.

Maybe she'll still make cameos, but still.

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#13 Posted by NightFang3 (12363 posts) - - Show Bio
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#14 Posted by zackattack93 (112 posts) - - Show Bio

Please be a regular on legends of tomorrow.

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#15 Posted by deadpool25mm (864 posts) - - Show Bio

Was awesome seeing him on show, hope they use him for Flash, Legend of Tomorrow, and it Titan, he can be a Showalker (The one who walks between shows.).
#ConstantineLives . lol

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#16 Posted by The_Kid_Lantern (222 posts) - - Show Bio

"Anybody got a cigarette?"



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#17 Posted by SynCig (1105 posts) - - Show Bio

This was my favorite episode of Arrow since season 2. It still had its fair share of signature Arrow issues. Laurel is still the god awful character she has basically always been. I especially hate how whenever she screws up, she always finds a way to come off as this righteous b that did nothing wrong. It was especially obnoxious in this episode considering Oliver knew someone that could help them from the start.

As far as the Constantine parts, I love Matt Ryan. I desperately want him to have more opportunities to play the character in the DC/CW universe. He fits in well and adds a lot of interesting story possibilities. Having Oliver meet him in the past was the right call imo but I do wish they would have had more time to set up a bigger relationship between the two. Being one episode that wasn't really possible. I did think that the soul conflict at the end of the episode could have been better but it seemed like they were trying to restrict the budget as much as possible. Anyway, I love Matt Ryan's John Constantine and, despite being repetitive now, I REALLY want him back.

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#18 Posted by DeathpooltheT1000 (18984 posts) - - Show Bio

He was in the episodes for like 15 minutes and made it all about him.

He made everybody look bad, John Constantine being John Constantine.

Matt Ryan is brilliant as Constantine, the only actor that could as the matter of fact play also the big screen version.

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#19 Posted by King_Kenobi62 (16 posts) - - Show Bio

I watched Constantine up to the last episode so I was really excited to hear he was going to be on Arrow. The episode did not disappoint and it may be my favorite so far this season. Hearing his theme was awesome too. Hopefully, someone will see how much the fans want Constantine back and CW will pick it up and let Constantine show up a few times in Arrow to build up to his show like they did with the Flash.

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#20 Posted by birdman400 (1558 posts) - - Show Bio

John Constantine was pretty powerful bruh , and didn't anyone notice the easter egg with the tattoo? "you'll know when you'll need it" , seems like its a protector spell

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#21 Posted by dan12456 (3006 posts) - - Show Bio

As someone who never watched Constantine this was imo easily the worst episode of the season. Like he's definitely a good actor, but if you aren't emotionally invested in him he just wasn't that interesting. Considering his stage acting career though it sounds like that's as much time as he had for them, so they worked with what they were given and I'm glad for his fans.

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Constantine was brilliant and was perfectly utilized. It's hard to believe that Oliver met all these cool people during those five years but that's just how the show is. I especially liked how he was actually relevant to the plot, and I appreciate how the writers actually came up with a sensical reason that Sara got her mind and soul back after Darkh basically said it was impossible. They could have found some cop-out way to do it, but simply using Constantine and his magical abilities was a nice choice.

And as a side note, I actually liked Laurel a lot this episode. Yeah, it was dumb to revive Sara and not tell Oliver but Oliver did the same thing with his sister and he was being very hypocritical about it. It was nice to see that addressed, and it was nice to see Laurel acknowledge her fault while calling out Oliver for his faults too without coming off as whiny or over-emotional.

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#23 Posted by Pres_Superman (29 posts) - - Show Bio

Good episode. Was very pumped to see Constantine. Hopefully the CW will pickup Constantine, since they do well with occult shows.

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#24 Posted by KNIGHT SAVIOR (1110 posts) - - Show Bio

DEAD PEACOCK !!!....hmmm I wonder who this reference too?

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#25 Posted by Jestersmiles (9826 posts) - - Show Bio

CW just put the show when Flash and Arrow go on hiatus. Bam problem solved.

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#26 Posted by LCazT1996 (642 posts) - - Show Bio

I am so excited for any future potential appearances by him!

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#27 Posted by AbdullahZubair (1039 posts) - - Show Bio

The only reason his appearance and backstory seemed forced was because it actually was forced..other than that, i'll be checking it out real soon

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Neat episode. Hopefully we'll see more of Constantine

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I'm now very hopeful for another appearance by him.

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I am so excited for any future potential appearances by him!

Did they announce if he'll be in any of the upcoming episodes?

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#31 Posted by mak13131313 (1601 posts) - - Show Bio

Excellent episode!

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#32 Edited by Fetts (6241 posts) - - Show Bio

I thought he was great! I'll be honest, the season premiere of Season 4 made this whole "magic" aspect seem so sketchy and corny. But after this last episode, I was actually surprised to find myself liking it. There's still definitely problems in Arrow; it's not as nearly as good as Season 1 or Season 2. But I'll be honest, after the last two episodes I feel like Arrow's beginning to redeem itself from Season 3.

And after John Constantine left, I couldn't help asking myself why he had to leave (I mean seriously, does he have better things to do? You'd think after his reaction from hearing Damien Darhk's name that he'd stick around and help). But to be honest, I kind of wanted to see him stick around. I was a little disappointed in how short of a role he had. Definitely felt like he had a lot of potential to be a bigger one.

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#33 Edited by The Impersonator (8485 posts) - - Show Bio

I wished John would appear in future episodes of Arrow, considering the fact that Damien is stronger with the use of his mystical powers. That artifact is giving him powers somehow. But John has other supernatural cases to solve.

Now that Orb of Horus is linked to Hawkgirl. Maybe, John can heard over to Central City to help Kendra, who probably having difficulty with her previous lives or multiple spirits possessing her? Team Flash would be seeing magic for the first time. I liked to see that.

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#34 Posted by botenmaru (11 posts) - - Show Bio

i want more constantine in CW i love the character in comics and in nbc. Matt Ryan is john constantine and he's awesome i love they keep his theme songs. Please more constantine the CW is the perfect network for this bastard !

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#35 Edited by MrMazz (2002 posts) - - Show Bio

Great use of Constantine, that's how he was always going to be used and it's the sheer presence of Matt Ryan that makes that work. He was the best part of a boring show. Guggenheim and Mercle have sai that this was a one off, Ryan's got other gigs but you know never say never.

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#36 Posted by longbowhunter (9425 posts) - - Show Bio

His appearance just kinda reminded me what I didn't like about Constantine, the show. I'll keep getting my John fix from the Hellblazer trades.

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#37 Posted by RybackStun93 (92 posts) - - Show Bio

Would love to see CW just buy the rights to Constantine and the Library from NBC and show the 13 episode series during the mid season break of Arrow and Flash. Could possibly get people to watch the series and if it does well enough, tie it all back into the Flarrowverse.

LOVED him in this episode and can not wait to see more if it comes.

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#38 Posted by cbishop (15565 posts) - - Show Bio

I thought it was great to see the Matt Ryan Constantine back onscreen. One thing I did think a couple of times was that his movements during spells almost seemed like the performance of a stage magician- something I never thought watching the show on NBC. Really though, I think it's more that Ryan seemed to be having a great time getting back into the role, and it bled through into the performance of Constantine.

The episode definitely left the door open for Constantine to reboot on CW. Even though they settled their debts to each other, Oliver promised to be there for John whenever he needed- anytime, anywhere. That's leaving it open for a spinoff/reboot and crossover, and that felt like a really cool thing. :)

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#39 Posted by Cloakx14 (9136 posts) - - Show Bio

Constatine was cool. i hope to see more.

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The ratings went up that night.

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NBC, You Lose. CW Wins!!!!!!!! Hurray Constantine!!

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#42 Posted by SirNeko (4396 posts) - - Show Bio

Thank you very very much for writing this. I was really unsure about checking this out because I didn't want to see a watered down version of Matt Ryan's interpretation of the character, and because I don't really like Arrow, but now I'll be sure to give the episode a watch.

I just skipped to all the parts with Constantine. It was great.

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@syncig said:

Laurel is still the god awful character she has basically always been. I especially hate how whenever she screws up, she always finds a way to come off as this righteous b that did nothing wrong. It was especially obnoxious in this episode considering Oliver knew someone that could help them from the start.

THANK YOU!!! My goodness I thought I was the only one who noticed this. And it's always a pretty big screw-up, yet she still flips it on anyone who calls her out. Can she really not see the difference between Ollie bringing his dying sister to an island that Ra's invited him to vs. her bringing a nearly year-old corpse to the same island where she realistically should've been killed on sight? I was honestly shocked that they made it to Merlyn without much trouble since no LoA member would have a reason to just let her through.

This just brings more attention to something I noticed from back in season 1, Oliver almost never wins an argument, even when he's completely right. Think about it, I'll wait...............................................yup, only 2 wins: 1) When Laurel was mad that he was with Sara again, and 2) When he found out about Lance working with Darhk. That's it.

DEAD PEACOCK !!!....hmmm I wonder who this reference too?

...I actually have no idea. If it's a reference, please tell me lol.

Also, Matt Ryan killed the Constantine role as usual, but I guess I'm in the minority here that doesn't really want the show back. It was very meh for me (apart from Ryan). I binge watched it back when NBC was doing the whole "Save Constantine" thing and honestly, I see why it was struggling. Ryan is too talented to waste, so I say let him be a recurring role throughout the Flarrowverse, but that's it.

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The entire episode felt rushed to me. I would have preferred if they had made it a two-parter with Constantine, one with Constantine on the island, and then at the end of the first episode, Constantine could have showed up in the present to help with Whatsherface, and that could have carried into the next episode.

It felt like they had more story than time.

I'm going to keep replaying this on hulu in the hopes CW will see the spike in the numbers and buy the Constantine show or add Constantine to Legends.

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After seeing him here, not convinced he should get his own CW show just yet. But, he should become a cast regular and they should maintain the mystical vibe. The episode he was in was really cheesey, but that's because they had to rush things.

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#46 Posted by Sebast_Allen (2730 posts) - - Show Bio

Matt Ryan definitely makes for the best portrayal of a comic book character yet (Second only to Marvel's whole Netflix cast, who are honestly just breath taking).

It's a shame people didn't watch Constantine. It was the best Show by DC...

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Best part was the peacock feather. I laughed out loud.

Me too!!! I thought it was fantastically done, just in general.

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#48 Posted by Vincent_Valjean (128 posts) - - Show Bio

It was really great to see Constantine again but like most people said the episode was extremely pushed.I didn't buy the scene with Oliver saving John's life just like that(if you think that the only mortal who tricked all three of the fallen would fall in such a lame of a trap then you don't know Constantine).It would be far better if Oliver let John go and John would be like"Thanks mate,I owe you one".Also,it was odd seeing John in a sword fight or stabbing a man(even if it was a ghul or a demon). And in my opinion,the "Hey John,it's Ollie.I need your help.How fast can you come to Star City?"-call was way too pushed(it would be much better if Oliver traveled to Liverpool and track John in a pub,explain him about the situation and then bring him to Star City with him).

Though I'd love to see John back in action I seriously doubt CW would be a good network for him.

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#49 Posted by drgnx (3967 posts) - - Show Bio
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#50 Posted by RexWing (163 posts) - - Show Bio

@indomitableregal: I believe the dead peacock feather was a shot at NBC lol well played Constantine