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This costume isn't really bad. At first I didn't like it but its now grown on me but i still don't like the tattoos. It also kinda reminds me of the 90's Aquaman costume.

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@superguy1591: That's true. The switch seems to be rather radical, indeed. Let's hope they make the best of it.

It's really not that different from Aquaman's past look

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@metaljimmor: that looks great, I think that's how it looks, sans the Orange armor. I think that's golden.

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Looks awful. I wouldn't even know he was playing Aquaman if the article said it. Such a boring look.

Terrible choice of an actor to play Aquaman.

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@redwingx: I take it you haven't read much Aquaman then?

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@minisaladfresh: "I really dig it. And let's be honest, this could have been anything and you people would still be complaining and moaning about it."

Yep. I completely agree. You can't please everyone. Anyway, once we see the first footage for BvS, everyone including the naysayers are going to sh!t their pants accordingly.

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@fuzzylittlerodent: Nobody blames you. If the dude's got it, he's got it. You're the very few out of many to openly admit it :D

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Looks about right to me. Bearded is the way to go.

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This guy looks freaking awesome!

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@jonny_anonymous: I was talking about Jason actually playing the character, not the costume itself.

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@scouterv said:

@saint_wildcard said:

@squalleon said:

I don't like the tattoos.

DC continues to go into the dark, bleak, edgy road. Meh.

Agreed, this guy would never challenge a villain to a dance off. F-ing lame.

How does having a tattoo equate to "bleak and dark." A little ink doesn't make you a downer.

For the record, I was being sarcastic.

Got that. Wasn't directing my comment at yours.

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What's up guys, so I did this video giving my initial reaction to the first imagine of Jason Momoa as Aquaman check it out! http://youtu.be/LBPulwcn7h0

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Thumbs up...im down...

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I just wish his hair was blonde.

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I always said they should take that guy from Game of Thrones as Aquaman!

Wait... they DIDN'T take Nikolaj Coster-Waldau?!

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Still, Khal Drogo looks pretty good as Aquaman. Hope this movie will be good... it has so much potential...

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Momoa looks awesome. I love that the Polynesian culture is heavily influencing his look. The tats make him look much more realistic and look freakin cool on Momoa. Plus, the shaggy hair with a little white in it make him look like a older battle tested king.

Even tho i was very disappointed in Man of Steel, I'll still come out and support this movie

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I actually like it.

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If he was blonde I'd be thrilled.

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For the moment it's announced that Cyborg, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman will appear in both BvSDoJ and JL movies. It's all cool and stuff...but i really hope they'll also include Green Lantern. Justice League is not Justice League without Green Lantern.

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When I saw it I was astounded of how great it is.

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Here's what I posted on another site

"I prefer the current version but this looks amazing.

He looks like a mix between 90s (long hair, beard), current (trident, both hands, belt Symbol, scaly armor pieces and tattoos), Flashpoint (trident strap) and Injustice (pieces of armor). The tattoos are new but they make sense for a warrior culture and they looks scaly like the armor.

Overall I was sure we weren't getting the comic book version, but we can be almost sure that AQ will probably be the most fierce and bad@ss member of the league. The trident looks spot on.

If Momoa can pull off the royal attitude (which I'm sure he can) this is a homerun for Aquaman's cultural impact.

Oh and a little orange on the armor would go a long way BUT he has some gold, which might be more visible in the movie (PS it is gold and green when you take out the filters).

Overall I would say this costume is closer to the actual comic book than the 90s or the JL Animated version ever were."


"And the hair is not blond per se but "bleached" or smthing.

Which is unique and might explain his heritage without being 100% blond (PS he actually has blond even on his beard).

The concerns about the hair I believe can be put to rest, IMO.

Momoa looks great with this hair and if the actual collors are brighter that means his armor is also brighter which would make it even closer to the comics (PS they are).

And it looks that way since his skin in the photo is also bleached.

There's no way he won't be more colorful in the film."

Overall It's much better than I thought it would be and much closer to the actual comics than I hoped for.

The picture without the colors filters has been posted already and he clearly wears gold armor and green pants LIKE in the comics.

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@xwraith said:

It's not a bad character design, but I don't think it's a good Aquaman design.

Are we sure he's playing Aquaman and not Poseidon?


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It definitely is not a bad character design but it is not something that I would think of when I think Aquaman. Its not what I wanted but basically what I expected.

However the thing that matters more to me than anything else is that Aquaman is portrayed to be affective and positive on the silver screen. I get the feeling that when people walk out of the movie theater they are going to have it in their head that Aquaman is a Hawaiian character and that all Atlantis is somehow connected to Polynesians. But as long as they don't they and make comic Aquaman into Jason Momoa, that is fine with me.

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Honestly, I'm glad they bleached streaks in his hair. Coming into this, I was afraid we were going to get an Aquaman with black hair. Thankfully that isn't a problem here. As for the armor, I think this is a cool concept. I think Snyder is attempting to eliminate the belief of many that Aquaman is 'gay' or 'useless' and that he couldn't stand up with the rest of the superheroes. The filter is really bothering me though... C'mon Snyder you're killing me man

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Can't wait to see him in Action... Maybe this time People will love Aquaman! Thanks to Geoff Johns reboot he's atm the best DCU superhero!

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The costume and look also looks quite similar with Aquaman 1000000 (Apart from the skin and hair color) from Grant Morrison's DC One Million event.

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@comicfan11: That's what I originally thought to. But 1mil isnt Curry and I could see why Morrison gave him that design suppose to be a cross between Aquaman and Neptune (Poseidon).

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I just hope this isnt his main look, not to be mean, but this whole being a brute bark bass.

I just one he uses a costume that embrace the character as a whole, not just an small period of who he is.

All his legacy in one costume.

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@justthatkid: Maybe.

It sounds like a thing Morrison would do.

I mean he said Aquaman represents Poseidon in his pantheon so it makes sense the Aquaman he created to look like him.

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Everything about the look is awesome from the diversity of the characters race to the costume and overall design of the character. They even paid homage to the blonde hair by giving this aquaman blondish streaks in his head hair and facial hair.

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It's a good design, no doubts.

But if we just looked at him, with no knowledge of who he was, would you say Aquaman? No, you wouldn't, I know for a fact I would of said Poseidon over Aquaman. This design isn't Aquaman, it looks like somebody threw together a costume with no prior knowledge of who Aquaman was.

No Caption Provided

How come can TBBT, who simulated a store bought costume be more accurate then Snyder?

All I'm saying is I rather see this as a design for a Greek God (*cough*Poseidon*Cough*) then Aquaman and this is a feeble attempt to improve his image in Popculture

I for one, wanted them to make it so campy that it screamed Gold Age.

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welll i certainly hope we dont start complaining here too ;)

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