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Zhongli is rarely used in the battle forums and it's kinda disappointing as he's super strong and versatile. In this blog I will touch on Zhongli's feat and scaling for this respect thread

Statements and accolades

Osial a mortal nemesis to Zhongli was able to create waves as large as mountains and shake the world

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Yet it was stated that Zhongli could easily beat him if things got too far

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Stand alone feats

These are the remains of the stone spears Zhongli threw thousands of years ago.

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They're stated to be larger both in size and numbers by Zhongli. Keep in mind this was before be had his Gnosis. Which amps him to the point that he could defeat Osial with ease

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Abilities and versatility

Can petrify people with a meteor

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https://youtu.be/kIA2W_KXbSQ Saves Xiao by teleporting him out of a dimension. Good for bfr as a win condition

Highballed scaling

Zhongli scales to Azhdaha who should logically be a sovereign. The Seven Sovereigns fought the Primordial One who was stated to be able to split the planet from the universe.

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