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The ComicVine scraper plugin can't scrape information for the VS series by Image. I saw the thread about searches not working well, or at all, other than 1-word searches. With VS it can't search VS, V, S, V*, etc. Any thoughts? Any way to update data using the URL? I can update the data manually, but it's a pain.

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Put your VS comics in their own folder and populate a file in that folder named "cvinfo" (no extension), with the URL of the VS volume on comicvine, i.e., "https://comicvine.gamespot.com/v-s/4050-108546". That should be the only contents of that file. Then, when you start the scraper, it'll automatically select the correct series and update your files.

See https://github.com/cbanack/comic-vine-scraper/wiki/CVINFO-and-CVDB-tags for more info