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There is a recent change in the way the search queries work. For example, the following search:


now returns thousands of results, when it would have been far fewer just recently.

The query seems to be processed differently now. Is there a way to specify that the search terms are required? At one point we could use an "AND" between terms, but that doesn't seem to work any more.


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Just re-reading this, and maybe it's not super-clear :-)

So, it seems that the above example returns results with *any* of the terms "dead", "man", and "logan", which is a LOT!

What was possible before, and still wanted, is the ability to search for results that have *only* the terms "dead", "man", and "logan".

Essentially: how can we still do a logical AND, not a logical OR, of the search terms?

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I'm having the same 'problem'. I've usually been able to sort through the data by saying "sort=volume:desc" but now I only get the results in random order..