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I'm a little new to Python development and I have been working on getting a handle on APIs. So far I have been able to have some success, but I have never done anything with an API that required a key. So, after reading about the Comic Vine API, I signed up for an account and generated a key. However, I was using Postman to make a request with my key, and I keep getting this response:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>



<![CDATA[Invalid API Key]]>









When I go to my API info, it shows my key and says there are no rate limits. Is there anyone that can check the status of my key and find out why it is seen as invalid? if not, is there any way I can generate a new key? Thank you very much for anyone's help in this matter.

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I'm getting this also. I'm guessing it's due to hitting a rate limit. Is there anyway to check? And is the key permanently expired, or is it just a time-out for some length of time? Thanks!

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I am experiencing something much worse. Whenever I use the ComicVine scraper I can't use the site anymore. Seems like my IP address gets immediately blacklisted on the whole CV site because nothing else works here anymore, I keep getting timeouts whenever I try to load the page or the forum. If I change my IP the site is working again until I try to scrape a comic book, then it stops working again. Really weird.

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Hello, I have the same problem as arkay74. Any idea how to fix this?