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Hi, My name is Shawn, and I'm a technology consultant from NH. I have a client that is interested in building a commercial site and app that leverages the ComicVine data and API... Does anybody know who I can contact to talk about getting a commercial license?

Any help would be appreciated. I've been trying to find out through CBS Interactive, but nobody there seems to know who I should be talking to.



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@batguy74: As per the Terms of Use the CV API is only for non-commercial use.

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@pikahyper: Could we get a clearer definition of what using the api in a commercial way means at least?

For example, if I have an app that list Comics for trade and charges for this featureand I’m using the vine api as a reference to the Comics is that in violation? I’m not charging the user to use the vine api, I’m charging them for the trading service I’m providing.

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@selectedpixel: you'll have to ask via email at support@comicvine.com as I am not an employee of CBSi and I am not privy to that sort of info but I am going to assume not since you would still be making money off its usage.