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I'm hoping to compile a list of bugs and enhancement requests associated with Comic Vine API, so that it's easier for the CV admins to keep up with what we find out. The wiki has tons of staff and mods following and tracking bugs, but it feels like the API is neglected a bit.



URL of forum thread (if applicable)

Short Description


Sorting doesn't work


Adding a sort parameter doesn't change the search results order

Enhancement Requests

Issue Detail Workflow


Ability to fetch the details of an issue given a <volume title>, <issue number>

XML Encoding


Ability to specify the encoding of the XML response, or return data using UTF-16 to support diacritical marks

Story/Arc Issues in "story arc" return


Add a list of issues associated with story arcs in the XML response

Better Search Rankings


Should return search results in same way as CV wiki returns search results (by frequency count desc/popularity, etc.)

Add Ratings Field


Add rating field (0 to 5) for comic issues

Submitting new bugs or enhancements requests

To keep this thread short and the first post easy to browse, you should continue to create a new thread, but post a quick/short response here and I can update the thread.

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I want my Avatar to move.