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The behaviour of the "search" resource in the ComicVine API has changed significantly in the last couple of days. It used to return the logical "AND" of all search terms (a search for "Batman Arkham Unhinged" returned a small number of volumes whose title included all three of those words. But starting a few days ago, the search started returning the logical "OR" of all search terms (i.e. now a search for "Batman Arkham Unhinged" returns every volume that has any one of those 3 words in its title, including hundreds of volumes with the word "batman".)

The previous "AND" based searches were very important, as without them it is now very difficult for API users to find a specific series. With the new "OR" based searching, the more specifically you search (i.e. more search terms you use), the more general the search results become -- to the point where simple 2 and 3 word searches that used to have a handful of results are now returning thousands of matches!

I'm sure this isn't good for the load on your API server, either.

Do you consider this new behaviour to be a bug that you are going to fix? Or if not, is there some way I can alter my application's query to explicitly force it to go back to doing "AND" based searches?

Any suggestions or advice would be welcome, thanks.

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Yep. this change has pretty much broken the API except for comics with single word names :-(

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I agree - This needs to change back to AND.

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Do any of the developers at ComicVine even *look* at the forums?

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Yea I'm seeing some wierd things as well...

search query = 'Amazing Spider-Man'
resources = character,issue,volume
resource_type = volume

this used to work but now it doesnt. It just returns all 'amazing spider-man' related issues, but not sorted..

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Hello, Is there any progress on this?

This is creating many problems in using the API with apps. I use ComicVine, and this problem makes the app useless.