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This is what my url looks like:

url: `http://comicvine.gamespot.com/api/volumes/?api_key=<myapikey>&format=json&filter=limit:10,name:${name}&field_list=name,image`

However, it is still sending back 100 results everytime. Unless I am misunderstanding what the limit property does, shouldn't it be sending back only ten?

Furthermore, /volumes is the only resource I have gotten to work correctly. Every other resource gives me weird error or empty results arrays. Does anyone know why this is? They usually send back an 'Ok' error.

Lastly, does anyone know of any other comic apis? I have tried looking but it seems like it's just this one and Marvels...

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It looks like you've only filtered 10 of the results, but not set a condition to only return 10 results at a time