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Do you remember the first time you heard Paul Rudd was going to play Ant-Man? Rudd is a great actor. He's often associated with comedy despite having shown he is capable of more. With Marvel's Ant-Man, he fully reinforces that and becomes a leading man in an action film that just happens to be pretty funny as well.

We won't go into a full review of the movie. We already did that HERE. Watching it again, it does hold up. It still retains its charm and humor. One of the great things about the Marvel movies is despite them all being connected, they are still able to develop their own feel. Ant-Man was about a father who was a thief (of sorts) and was given the chance to become a hero (and save the world).

Besides a story that showed us a new corner of the Cinematic Universe, we had a pretty stellar cast. Along with Rudd we had Michael Douglas and Evangeline Lilly as Hank and Hope Pym. Corey Stoll played a good mustache twirling villain in Darren Cross. And we can't forget Michael Peña, Tip “T.I.” Harris, and David Dastmalchian as Scott's crew.

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I've expressed concern over there being too much humor in the Marvel films but it really worked here. The movie had some slightly darker moments at times but the humor was a nice balance and the fact the actors were all so likable make it work when all put together.

If you've already seen the movie, you're probably wondering why you should pick up the Blu-ray. There a good amount of extras for you to watch and enjoy.

Special Features

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  • Making of an Ant-Sized Heist: A How-To Guide (14:34) Peyton Reed, Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Douglas, and others talk about Ant-Man, Hank Pym, and the heist angle of the movie. Reed was happy he was allowed to give the movie its own feel, separate from the other Marvel movies. We see some behind the scenes shooting and details on the suit. There’s mention of integrating Ant-Man into the Avengers (through the scene with Anthony Mackie) and the future with Wasp.
  • Let’s Go To The Microverse (8:06) They needed to update the idea of a shrinking movie. They have to make it realistic. The movie was filmed on three different levels. With the scenes where he’s shrunken down, they have to ask themselves if they shrunk him down enough and if it looks right. They had to do a lot of research on ants, obviously.

  • WHIH NewsFront (9:12) Different segments from the news in the Marvel Universe with Christine Everhart (played again by Leslie Bibb). There’s news bits on Scott Lang when he was arrested and an interview with him while he’s in prison. Darren Cross has a sit down interview on how smart and great he is.

Deleted and Extended Scenes (8:39) There’s optional commentary by Peyton Reed and Paul Rudd. Eight scenes in total. Scott Lang poses as a cable guy to get into Hank’s place and scope it out. Young Hank quits S.H.I.E.L.D. and locks up the suits. The police try to figure out how Lang escaped from being locked up. Hope and Hank talk about Scott’s expertise and her desire to take his place. Scott hands out with Cassie at her party. Plus more including the origin of Ant-Man told by Hank.

Gag Reel (3:25)

Audio Commentary with Peyton Reed and Paul Rudd

Chances are, you don't need me to tell you to pick up the Blu-ray. Of course Blu-ray isn't your only option. Your options include: Digital HD/SD, Disney Movies Anywhere (DMA), 3D Blu-ray Combo Pack, Blu-ray, DVD and On-Demand. This movie was the end of Phase 2 in the Cinematic Universe. It's earned a well-deserved spot in your personal collection. It's available everywhere today.

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Probably in the vast minority here, but this easily became my favorite MCU movie. It's just so damn good...

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Not a fan of the cover at all. Great movie though.

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This is a fun movie.

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One of my favorites in the MCU. Scott Lang is the Avenger I want to go out and have a drink with.

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Been waiting for this one to come out on blu-ray. I missed it in theaters and have been dying to see it since. Also the only MCU movie I've missed so far. Seems like it took forever to come out too geez lol.

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Didn't get round to seeing it in the cinema. Is it worth watching?

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@nickxh: I would say yes. I am a MCU fanboy and loved it, my wife watches all the comic book movies with me and she said it was her favorite of the marvel movies. It's definitely worth a viewing

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The main actor is so HOT AND SEXXY

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@scrappydont27: Cool cheers. I will probably pick it up after Christmas.

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I still find it odd that they cut the jokes about his name from the movie but kept them in the trailer. As others have said though a very good and enjoyable movie.

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Why do Disney Blu Rays not come with a digital copy? Why do I have to buy the 3D version to get the digital copy when I don't even want the 3D version. Almost all other movie companies offer a digital copy with their blu ray, just stingy ass Disney does not.

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I'm about to go pick this up right now.

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I completely forgot about this movie lol

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I enjoyed this, tho I wonder how much different Edgar Wrights version was.

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Yet again another deleted scene does not appear. I was hoping to find out who Castillo was and his connection to Scott. Just like loki in Age of Ultron

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In short, it's the same as the first time you saw it.

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This movie was alright, thought it would suck is like in my top 10 comic book movies.

I couldn't rewatch this much but might get just for the deleted scene features. Paul Rudd is funny and Micheal Pena is great.

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it was better the second time.