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Early Sketch
Early Sketch

When it was announced that the Image Universe would have an upcoming crossover event which would involve every founder and their creations, there were some questions what Whilce Portacio would add. Because of the fact that his work Wetworks were in somebody else's hands, Whilce opted to create a new character, that character was Fortress.

Whilce Portacio based Fortress on his own ideal of a superhero. He thought back to his teen years and what he used to think about superheroes. He held onto this feeling and used it as a base for Fortress. The whole theme of Fortress is consequences. The character is new to the superhero business and is about to learn the ups and downs of superheroism.

Character Evolution

Fortress meets Dragon
Fortress meets Dragon

His story begins in Chicago where we see him falling from the sky. He's wearing power armor which he got from touching a foreign object, and he knows no way to remove it. He test runs it, jumps over building and tests strength, by tossing trashcans. He meets Savage Dragon who came to investigate reports of super-human vandalizing. Fortress tries to explain his situation, but as he raises his hand toward Dragon a blast shoots out. Fortunately Doc Seismic arrives and Dragon directs his attention to him. Fortress first tries to save civilians, but unaware of his strength he hurts them unintentionally, he then decides to help Dragon instead. In a fight he grabs a hold of Doc Seismic and feels his power flow into himself. Apparently the suit also has power absorption capabilities. Savage Dragon is grateful for the help, but still wants to bring Fortress to police station. But the power he absorbed wants out, and fortress jumps away. After landing he receives a vision of impending doom.

He awakens on the roof and hears the sounds of battle, gazing down he recognizes the heroes but not the villain Overtkill. He then decides to step in and help the heroes, thinking it might be the start of event that leads to the vision he had. He's still not in total control of his power suit and he unintentionally pushes Savage Dragon into a wall. Savage Dragon decks him and walks away, letting team Youngblood take care of Fortress. Youngblood take Fortress to their base, they don't judge him and understand that he's new in superhero business. But Fortress can't get over the vision he had and he has a feeling that it will get only worse. When the attack gets worse Fortress is left to his cell, he grows certain that it is too late to avert the vision.

Powers and Abilities

Fortress wears an armor of unknown substance. He is unable to remove and it endows the wearer with superhuman powers. Montgomery has shown the ability to fire energy blasts as well as flight. The suit grants the user superhuman strength and stamina. Fortress also suffers from frequent visions of certain happenings. If these visions are derived from the suit or not is unclear.

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