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    Team » Forgotten Heroes appears in 34 issues.

    A team of unlikely heroes teamed together for the greater good. Not shortly after they gathered they fell out of the limelight of the DCU.

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    A Band of Unlikely Heroes
    A Band of Unlikely Heroes

    The Forgotten Heroes consisted of: Animal Man, who could assume the powers of any living beast; Cave Carson, international geologist; Congo Bill, famous explorer and World War I veteran ; Dane Dorrance, leader of the Sea Devils; Dolphin, mysterious underwater beauty; Rick Flag, leader of the Suicide Squad; and Rip Hunter, legendary time master.

    All were once prominent heroes who had stumbled across identical ancient golden pyramids at various points around and inside Earth, only to find themselves censured when they reported their finds to the American government. Their careers for the most part ruined, with nowhere else to turn, they all responded to a summons by the mysterious figure known only as the Immortal Man, who explained that the pyramids were part of a plan by his ancient foe the immortal Vandal Savage to destroy Superman.

    Under the leadership of the Immortal Man and with Superman's help, these Forgotten Heroes managed to destroy the pyramids and save the world. At the suggestion of the Immortal Man, the team stayed together and fought among others the Forgotten Villains. The Forgotten Heroes went there own ways.

    Rip Hunter is helping Booster Gold in his series, where we find out that he is Booster Golds son (revealed in Booster Gold #1000000).

    Cave Carson was mentioned in Infinite Crisis #5 about an Earthquake hitting India and Japan. He was seen in the Final Crisis #3 on television with a newscast. He and his crew found a drawing under the New York subway station. He is exploring more caves under the Earth in Final Crisis 2008.

    Dolphin was seen in the Green Lantern series called Blackest Night as a Black Lantern.

    Animal Man had his own comic series and was part of the Justice League Europe until #11 when he left. Animal Man was seen in the JLA series and Infinite Crisis #3 helping in space. Animal Man was part of the weekly series called 52 lost in space. He was seen in the JLA series in 2008 helping Vixen and in the Green Lantern series called Blackest Night. He also showed up in Justice League:Cry For Justice helping Congo Bill and Starman. Animal Man was also in a crossover call Countdown To Adventure with Adam Strange and Starfire about a virus hitting Earth and Rann. They stopped the virus from spreading. Animal Man was also seen in Rann\Thanagar:Holy War with Hawkman, Adam Strange, Starfire and Captain Comet II. Animal Man is around part time helping with the JLA when they need him. Animal Man was also seen in a JLA crossover called Congorilla and Starman. Animal Man was helping his friend Congorilla, Starman and Rex the Wonder Dog to fight off soliders of gorillas in the Florida Everglades with the help of Tasmanian Devil from Australia. Animal Man was seen as reforcements were fighting off Eclipso in space with his friend Congorilla and the JLA. In 2011, Animal Man is seen in the DC New 52 with his own series. The series is about how and his family fight the ROT and help Swamp Thing in the aftermath. His life as a movie actor and father take center stage when tragedy strikes over the loss of his son.

    Congo Bill is based in Congo, Africa, He is the son of a Scottish gamekeeper. Congo Bill also carried a gun to scare off poachers who wanted to kill animals. Congo Bill was known as "king of the jungle." Congo Bill had his own title called Congorilla. in 1994 fighting his adopted son to the death, he was mindcontrolled as the Golden Gorilla. Congo Bill was seen again in the 1999 Vertigo series living in a cave in the Congo with his prisoner Congorilla. Bill and Congorilla where killing all the hunters in the Congo that were hurting and killing the gorillas. Bill captured an old friend and tied him up to a pole to talk to him about the past. Congo Bill was very old and went crazy. He was in chains with Congorilla. Congo Bill told his hunter friends that they where being used in a hunting game. Congo Bill and Congorilla killed some more hunters and the last hunter was saved by Congorilla. Congo Bill's friend who was tied on the pole died when the earthquake occurred. Congo Bill and Congorilla and the last hunter all survive. Ten years later, in 2009, Congo Bills human body dies and all the gorillas and his spirit move into the body of Congorilla. Congorilla likes to be called Bill. All the gorillas were murdered by hunters. Congorilla started to cry and yell out that he wanted justice. In the Justice League: Cry for Justice series Congorilla is now a member of the Justice League of America. The Justice League series ended in 2011 at issue 60 and the team left to go home. Congorilla went back to Africa to protect it from crime and poverty. The Batman Inc. new hero called Batwing helps him protect Africa. Congorilla went in to the teleporter and said farewell to his Justice League friends and did his World War I salute and left for home. Congo Bill served in the [IRA] Irish Republic Army for a short time and as a World War I veteran served as a solider and fought the Germans in the trenches and fought in the Battle of the Somme, in France and in Belgium, during the Battle of Passendale. Congo Bill worked his way up as a spy gaining intelligence on the German army and their plans.

    Rick Flag is part of the Suicide Squad. The Squad has grown to a big team since the Forgotten Heroes were disbanded. Rick Flag was seen in the Suicide Squad in the New DC 52 series in 2012 and 2013. He was helping the new team.

    Dolphin was married to Tempest aka Aquaman's ward [Aqua Lad]. She has been seen in the Aquaman comic book series and then she disappeared. She was missing and was last seen in the Blackest Night series in 2009 as a Black Lantern with Aquagirl fighting to get her husband Tempest to become a Black Lantern like them. Dolphin and Tempest were killed in the Blackest Night.

    Dane Dorrance, the Sea Devil was seen in the 2006 and 2007 series called the Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis with his Sea Devils scuba team helping the new younger Aquaman after the death of the JLA Aquaman. The Sea Devils helped the new Aquaman fight a sea battle. Dane Dorrance was also seen with the Sea Devils in 2010, helping and teaming up with The Challengers Of the Unknown. fighting a sea monster in the water. The whereabouts of the Sea Devils team and Dane Dorrance are unknown at this time. Dane Dorrance was seen in the Booster Gold series called FlashPoint as a military solider with the Sea Devils fighting off Booster Gold. The Sea Devils in the FlashPoint series are miltary soldiers not scuba divers and they protect Coast City. Dane Dorrance was seen in Aquaman 17 fighting off the poachers with his team and girlfriend. They were in the Atlantis War helping and saving people the city from being washed away. Dane Dorrance and his girlfriend lost two members of the Sea Devils in the aftermath flood.

    Forgotten Heros in Heroclixs set.

    In 2008, 2009 and 2010, they made some of the Forgotten Heros in heroclixs set. The one that where made in heroclixs set where. Animal Man, Cave Carson, Rip Hunter. Those where the three that where made with there cards and powers. The other ones like Congo Bill\ Congorilla and Dolphin the Sea Devils\ Dane Dorrance are all bystanders- pogs in the game set. One of these days they will be made the one that are pogs in to heroclixs set.


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