Forget Me Not

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    A member of the X-Men whom nobody can ever remember

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    Very little is known about Forgetmenot. A mutant, he joined the X-Men, who are largely unaware of his existence.


    Forgetmenot was created by Simon Spurrier and Tan Eng Huat. He made his first appearance in X-Men: Legacy #300.

    Major Story Arcs


    Forgetmenot meets a young woman who is attempting to break into the mansion, and shares with her the story of his largely forgotten adventures with the X-Men and his struggle with his powers. He rescues her from being consumed by the security system, and though she immediately forgets him, he inspires her to live a better life.


    Forgetmenot is kidnapped by X-Force as part of an attempt to counter the ongoing surveillance they are under, but he repeatedly flees them as they fail to explain the plan to him. Though he eventually agrees to the plan, he is shot and apparently killed by Fantomex to get the surveillance drone to permanently forget him. He is rescued by the maintenance bots under the direction of MeMe, and later found by Hope, to whom he explains that MeMe is dying. He helps MeMe show Hope X-Force's many crimes. When she sinks back into her coma, Forgetmenot helps her copy the powers of those around her in order to rebuke them for their crimes and attempt to ready them to combat Fantomex. He teleports Fantomex to Hope and helps her steal his powers.

    Legion of X

    When Professor X and Magneto tamed the living island, Krakoa, into a mutant nation, Forgetmenot joined the Legion of X, a new age police force that was the brainchild of Nightcrawler. He was partnered with Juggernaut and romantically involved with fellow member, Lost, which went better when either of them remembered him. This was possible thanks to a special ear piece that allowed them to remember him, which they often lost.

    Unfortunately, when the Technarchy infects the Krakoan telefloronic network, Xabi is killed trying to free Warlock. Unfortunately, no one remembered he existed to resurrect him.

    Powers and Abilities

    Forgetmenot is a mutant with the power to be completely and utterly forgotten by all beings and technological systems that observe him as soon as they are no longer observing him or, in the case of certain technologies, once sufficient time has passed. Once he is not in direct view of someone his presence and existence, as well as any memories associated with him, completely disappear. These abilities also interfere with aiming and targeting; if a person fires a weapon at him, the weapon will miss. He possesses basic combat skills.


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