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Rejecting His Shaman Heritage
Rejecting His Shaman Heritage

Forge was born to a Cheyenne tribe, and was gifted with great shaman potential. He was raised by Naze to become a great shaman and to defeat their nemesis The Adversary. He spent most of his youth under Naze's training. At puberty, his mutant powers manifested. He was now able to understand any mechanical device and could create an device that he could imagine. His powers made him doubt whether he should continue to train as a shaman since they seemed to clash with his mystical heritage. This confusion made him rebel against Naze and his teachings. He enlisted in the army and was shipped to Vietnam. While there he used his powers to create weapons and other tech. Forge was soon promoted to sergeant and was even offered a spot in S.H.I.E.L.D, but he rejected it. During the war he was confronted with great personal dilemmas such as having to kill a very young man of the Vietnamese troops and the responsibility of leading an entire squad.

The Spell
The Spell

When Forge's platoon was all wiped out he felt responsible and blamed himself for the death of his men. Determined and hardened by this guilt, he cast an ancient forbidden spell that he had learned during his training to become a shaman. Using the souls of his deceased comrades, Forge was able to summon a group of demons that would prove to be a vital asset. The demons helped him defeat the Vietnamese troops soon after. After the Vietnamese troops had been defeated, the demons refused to stop and he was forced to call in an air strike that would vanquish them. This incident resulted in the loss of his right hand and leg. Furthermore, it would come to be discovered that the spectral gate he had opened during his spell would act as a doorway for The Adversary to arrive on earth. After this, Forge vowed to never use magic again. He instead dedicated himself to training his mutant abilities and was able to create advanced replacements for his missing hand and leg.


Forge was created by Chris Claremont and John Romita Jr and first appeared in The Uncanny X-Men 184 (1984).

Major Story Arcs

Working For The Government

The Love Of His Life
The Love Of His Life

When Tony Stark had decided to stop making weapons for the government, Forge was hired as his replacement and became their primary weapons manufacturer. One of his more notable assignments was to replicate ROM's weapons in order to defeat the intergalactic threat of the Dire Wraiths. For this purpose, he created the Neutralizer a device capable of suppressing the powers of a superhuman.

Around this time, Rogue had been framed for murder. Henry Gyrich and Valerie Cooper decided against Forge's will to use the Neutralizer device on her, in order to send a message to all superhumans that the government was able to defend themselves against them if need be. When Forge discovered this he rushed to the place the Neutralizer was going to be used against Rogue, however while trying to prevent Gyrich from firing it, Storm was shot in her place.

Forge prevented the arrest of Storm and took her to his home. Storm was devastated. She had lost her ability to fly and was no longer one with nature. She was quickly losing the will to carry on. Forge helped her to accept her new powerless situation. They talked for hours and even shared a kiss. Everything was going well for the pair until, she heard a conversation between Forge and Gyrich and discovered that it was Forge who invented the Neutralizer. She departed soon after. They met again when she and the other X-Men saved Forge's life from an attack of the Dire Wraiths. Naze had also joined them.

After that fight, the Dire Wraiths tried to merge earth with their own world, leading to the destruction of earth. Forge joined forces with ROM and using the power of a device created by Forge that had been fused with ROM's technology they defeated the Dire Waiths and put an end to their dastardly plans. It was revealed later that Naze was actually killed and replaced by a Dire Wraith. The Adversary had taken control of Naze's body.

Shaman Again and the Defeat of the Adversary

Deciding to end the life he built with Storm.
Deciding to end the life he built with Storm.

Weeks later, Storm returned to Forge's house expecting him to help her recover her powers. She found that his house had been abandoned. Suddenly, Naze (The Adversary) appeared and told her that Forge had gone crazy and was working to bring The Adversary into this world. She went to find Forge, who was on a mountain using his magical powers once again. Storm stabbed him, only to realize that he was actually trying to revert the affects of the spell he cast in Vietnam.

Forge and Storm were transported to a different reality, where they were the only people alive. They spent a year together on this alternate earth. In the course of this year they began to truly love one another and realized that The Adversary was giving them a chance to start a new life on this new earth, while he was destroying the real one. They decided to abandon the life and happiness they had built there and confront The Adversary.

Fighting Magik
Fighting Magik

Forge created a device that would give Storm her powers back. With a mix of Forge's magical and technological powers and Storm's elemental powers, they managed to return to the real earth. They joined the other X-Men and went to confront The Adversary. He was too powerful for them to defeat, realizing that the only way to defeat him was for Forge to cast a similar spell to the one he had in Vietnam. Without any other choice, Forge cast the spell and sacrificed the souls of his 9 fellow X-Men, including the love of his life Storm. The X-Men that "died" that day were: Storm, Rogue, Wolverine, Psylocke, Colossus, Dazzler, Longshot, Havok, and Madelyne Pryor. But not all was lost, the X-Men were revived by Roma and established a new base on the Australian continent. The X-Men decided to continue to let everyone think they had actually died, Forge was devastated by the thought of him having had killed them. He harbored a great guilt and fell into depression.

Magik (Illyana Rasputin) angered by the apparent death of her brother ( Colossus) went to take revenge on Forge, since he was the only one who could she felt could be blamed. Magik took him to Limbo, were they had a magical battle. He asked her to kill him so that he could join his love Storm in the afterlife. She didn't and proceeded to tell him that that he wasn't worthy of joining the other X-Men and her brother.


A Worthy X-Man
A Worthy X-Man

After a great deal of time, Forge was seen in magical exile were he was practicing his shaman powers and heritage. He found a way separate his body and his spirit, and in his spirit form he found Storm in a cage being held captive by the Shadow King. Forge confronted him and barely escaped from his control, he came to realize Storm was still alive and in great danger. He contacted Valerie Cooper and her Freedom Force to help him, but they had already been called away by Moira MacTaggert who was suffering an attack by the Reavers on Muir Island. Forge joined Freedom Force in order to help on Muir Island.

Mystique didn't wanted to work with Forge, since he was the one that was responsible for the "death" of her daughter Rogue. Destiny warned her to be gentler with Forge, since both of their futures would be drawn together. Mystique ordered Forge to take Destiny away from the battle, which he did, but Destiny insisted on him returning to protect Mystique since the two of them were destined to be with each other. He refused to believe her, but left her alone regardless. Legion appeared and killed her.

Forge arrived just in time to save Mystique from the attack of a Reaver, nevertheless Mystique blamed him for Destiny's death. She swore that someday she would get her revenge. In Mystique's eyes, Forge is responsible for the death of her two greatest loves. After the attack of the Reavers, Freedom Force left Muir Island and Banshee asked Forge to join him in a quest to locate the X-Men. He developed a new defense system for Muir Island, that had become the shelter for many mutants. During this time he was contacted by Alpha Flight, who needed help defeating a being that could control technology. Forge soon developed a friendship with Madison Jeffries, that besides having similar powers, he also had to deal with the trauma of the Vietnam War. Forge updated Jeffries' armor, and together they managed to defeat the threat and found James MacDonald who was believed dead.

Finally making peace with what happened at Vietnam.
Finally making peace with what happened at Vietnam.

He then went to Xavier's facility with Banshee where they found Jean Grey. She was being attacked by a group of Morlocks. Forge and Banshee rescued her and then explained that they have reason to believe that the X-Men are still alive. She confessed that they were, that she and X-Factor knew they were alive, but promised not to tell anyone. Forge explained that they needed to find them fast, because Donald Pierce was also looking for them as well. Jean and Banshee were captured by the Morlocks, who had all been disfigured by Masque to look like monster versions of the X-Men. Forge went to rescue them and found that Jean and Banshee had also been transformed. Banshee into a mouthless human, and Jean into a woman with many tentacles. They encountered Colossus and Callisto too, who at the time were dating. Colossus didn't remember his past as an X-Man or anything else due to the effects of the Siege Perilous. With their combined forces and the leadership of Forge, they were able to defeat Masque and return to their original forms. This side adventure helped Forge to come to peace with what happened in Vietnam. This time he had helped his fellow X-Men and brought them back home.

When they finally found Storm, it wasn't exactly the reunion Forge was hoping for. Storm had been turned into a child by the villain Nanny. Storm was also accompanied by Gambit, both of which teamed-up due to their skills as thieves. Storm returned to her original state in Genosha during the X-Tinction Agenda arc. After this, the X-Men were finally reunited. However, they now they faced a new threat. The Shadow King had taken possession of the inhabitants of Muir Island. Forge crafted a device to release the hold of the Shadow King on some of the X-Men, while the rest of them were fighting the Shadow King on the astral plane. It was Forge who finally defeated him using Psylocke's psychic knife, finally putting a stop to the Shadow King powers upon the X-Men. When the blue and gold teams were established, Forge didn't take an active role. Instead he stayed at the mansion working on some technological affairs. For instance, he improved the Danger Room, the Blackbird, Cerebro, Xavier's chair, the defense system, and many other mechanical devices around the Mansion.

Relationship with Storm

Breaking up with Storm
Breaking up with Storm

His relationship with Storm wasn't exactly at it's best. She was busy being an active X-Men leader. The relationship got worse when Bishop joined the ranks of the X-Men and he and Storm had begun a flirtatious relationship. Forge proposed to her, but began having doubts due to Storm's behavior with him. Storm was ready to accept Forge's proposal and went to talk with him, but he didn't let her talk and broke up with her; never knowing that she was actually going to say yes. When he left the X-Men, he took Mystique with him to his new rebuilt home. Mystique was apparently going crazy and needed help. Forge blamed himself for her current state, since it was Destiny's death that had brought her to this all time low. He would do his best to help her get her life in order. It was never truly shown, but it was hinted that during this time the two of them developed an intimate relation aside from their friendship.

Forge was still helping Professor Xavier in any way he could during this time. He was attacked by Fitzroy, an enemy of Bishop from the future. He gravely injured Mystique who was trying to protect Forge, however the X-Men arrived and saved them. It was during this time, that Bishop identified Forge as Genesis, a leader from his time and important factor in the forming of the X.S.E. Mystique revealed that she was originally only there to obtain some information form Forge's files, nevertheless hey began caring for each other during this time.


With X-Factor uniform.
With X-Factor uniform.

After Fitroy's attack, he stopped working for the X-Men and accepted Valerie Cooper's offer of working as the government liaison for the new X-Factor, that had been working as their official mutant team and was being led by Havok. Havok convinced him that the current team was the appropriate fit for him for him ( Strong Guy, Polaris, Multiple Man and Wolfsbane) and Forge promised him that he would do his best in keeping the government as apart as possible from their affairs. During this time he and Storm tried to reanimate their relationship, but due to their duties on each team, it would be almost impossible to do. During the threat of the Phalanx he was captivated by the technological magnificence, and for a time had almost joined their cause. However, with the help of Nightcrawler he snapped out of it and became important part of defeating them.

Later, he would take a more active role in X-Factor affair. He and Valerie Cooper decided to have Mystique join the team. She was controlled by a restraining device, so that she couldn't fool them with her transformations. His relationship with her seemed to be rekindled as Mystique was always flirting with him. One day, Roma appeared to tell him that The Adversary had returned and that Naze was still alive.

Embracing His Heritage
Embracing His Heritage

He went to confront The Adversary, and decided that this time he would do it with technology instead of magic. His attempt was futile and The Adversary managed to kill his teammates. With Naze's help he found a way of embracing his shaman side once more. By mixing it with technology he managed to defeat The Adversary and forced him to revive his teammates.

Forge began to have true feelings for Mystique. He came to see a new side to her, one that truly cared for other human beings. This happened when Trevor, who was a family member to Destiny, was in danger. They grew closer from this moment on. Forge was beginning to not trust the new direction of X-Factor. The government was now forcing them to hunt down other mutants (one of them being an ex-teammate: Multiple Man). Also, they were obligated to add Sabretooth to the roster, who was being restrained by a device that would not allow him to attack people without permission.

Kissing Mystique.
Kissing Mystique.

X-Factor would soon disband after some earth shattering events, including Mystique murdering her son and presidential candidate Graydon Creed and Sabretooth turning against his teammates and badly injuring them. Havok tried to form a new team, but Forge didn't want anything to do with it. Soon after, he shortly reunited with the X-Men working along side Moonstar, but this was only for a brief time. He went to Genosha and worked with Multiple Man, but this was also for a very short time. During his time in Genosha he was captured by Exodus. He wanted him to create a device that would enhance his powers, but Forge was rescued shortly after. He also went for a short time to help Generation X in creating their very own version of a Danger Room.

Working With Mystique

Reuniting with Mystique
Reuniting with Mystique

Forge was contacted by Professor X, who wanted him to help in locating Mystique. Xavier had need of a shapeshifter for an underground mission. Forge found her as she was about to be executed for the crimes she had committed over her entire lifetime. They saved her and made her promise to work with them in any mission they needed assistance with. Forge would work alongside her, creating any device she needed for a mission.

They worked on a few missions together and he realized that he still had feelings for her, so he proceeded to ask her out on a date. The date did not go well, since they both focused on arguing about Mystique ways of life and their other significant differences. They confronted a mutant boy, that using his telepathic abilities tried to make Forge kill Mystique. She managed to snap him out of the control and proceeded to tell him that he was the only man that ever truly believed that she could be something better.

After some time, Mystique betrayed Professor Xavier and left. Forge was left with mixed feelings. Telling Mystique that he didn't care what happened to her, but the truth was that he did care and wished her luck with her life.

Post M-Day

After the events of M-Day he was among the group of mutants that didn't lost their powers. He was trying to build a new Nimrod, one that would protect human and mutants as well and also be able to eliminate other sentinels. He was confronted by another Nimrod of another time, who ordered Forge to repair him or he would go and kill Storm. He learned that a future version of himself implanted a time travel device into this Nimrod. Forge told the Nimrod the he was unable to fix him, but offered him the body of the new Nimrod he had been creating. The Nimrod downloaded himself into the new body, but Forge managed to send a help signal to the X-Men. However, it was the new team of young X-Men that actually received it. They went to his rescue, and using their limited capabilities they defeated the Nimrod.

New Look
New Look

After this incident, he became obsessed with alternate realities and discovered that it was not only in this reality, but the whole multiverse being affected by the M-Day. He came to realize that mutants ceased to exist in every universe. Hank McCoy contacted him. He was desperately looking for a way to reverse the effects of M-Day, and was truly disappointed when Forge told him this.When the first mutant baby was born ( Hope) after M-Day, Forge was contacted by Cyclops who needed Forge to help them on a mission. It consisted of him sending two Madrox duplicates to two alternate futures. They wanted to see how the birth of Hope affected the future. Forge did as he was asked, but was unable to bring them back, so he told them that after they gather information they should commit suicide in order for the original Madrox to gain the information instantly.

After this, he was attacked and almost killed by Bishop. Bishop wanted a time travel device, since he was convinced that Hope would not bring salvation, but rather the destruction of the entire mutant race. Bishop managed to steal a time traveling device from him as well as some other tech that would assist him. It seemed that his new fixation with alternate realities and the head injury caused by Bishop made Forge lose his way in life. He moved to the High Evolutionary ex-base in Wundagore Mountain,where he would try to revive the mutant race. He created an engineer biological device that injected humans with synthetic genetic material into their DNA and transformed them into a new monstrous mutant species.

During his investigations of alternate realities he learned of the ghost boxes and the attack from beings from alternate realities. He sent his new troops of mutant monsters to prevent this. Finally, he was found by a team of X-Men that were horrified to see what he had turned into.

He tried to convince them to join his "mutants" and into fighting this new threat. He said that they should go through the ghost boxes and sacrifice themselves. The X-Men, who were surprised to see how he had lost his sanity refused this suggestion. Agent Brand said that she would destroy Wundagore, along with those mutant monsters and the ghost boxes. When Storm asked him to join them in their escape from that place he refused, apparently Storm's marriage to Black Panther had affected him greatly, so he stayed there and was seemingly killed in the explosion.

Cable and X-Force

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After his last run-inn with the X-Men, it seemed that Forge had been killed. However, Forge was alive, but his mind had drifted further into madness. He spent a long time after the destruction of Wundagore in isolation. After the war between the Avengers and the X-Men, Cable found Forge and used his newly acquired telepathic abilities to show Forge his mind as a machine, after which Forge would use his powers to fix himself from his madness. After that, Forge joined Cable's new X-Force team for some time. They would have a number of misssions, mostly out of the public eye because a number of the team-members where wanted by law-enforcement. Eventually the team finally disbanned.

With the Extraordinary X-Men

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After the events of Secret Wars we see that Forge is again a member of the X-Men lead by his old flame, Storm. He resided in X-Haven, which was the Jean Grey School compound which was now teleported to the dimension known as Limbo. This was done in order for the mutants to have a save haven for the toxic Terrigen-mists which roamed the globe and where leathel to mutants. Forge built a Sentinel with the abilities of Cerebro called Cerebra. He also built a transporting pad to teleport the team anywhere they want to go.

Powers and Abilities

Forge has the mutant ability to innately understand any mechanical device and create anything mechanical he can think of. Apparently he can perceive something called "Mechanical Energy", in this way his subconscious works at an incredible speed and allows him to understand the capabilities and function of certain devices. So if he can think of a function to be done by a machine he's able to build it.

Aside from his mutant ability he was trained in the magical arts of the Cheyenne tribe. He was born with an incredible potential as a Shaman. In his training he learned a great variety of magical spells. He is able to separate his mind from his body and travel in a spirit form (similar to Professor's X Astral Form), also his magical powers allows him to create a portal to bring demons to this world at the cost of the spirits of humans. (A spell he had used twice) Due to his military combat training, Forge is a good hand to hand combatant and a skilled marksman.

Some of his inventions:

  • His prosthetic hand and leg, that aside from working perfectly as limb replacements they also have other stuff implanted in them. (They restore after being destroyed, the hand had a shield incorporated made of energy, they could fire beams, the hand was implanted with a hacking device, and his leg could slowly suppress mutant powers close to him)
  • Several weapons like: A sniper rifle with great range and destructive capabilities that also scrambled electronic systems, a photon rifle, several types of grenades that were stored in the same compartment, a bomb that guided itself to the target.
  • A device that worked like a portable Cerebro that was not only for mutants, but also for any super being and different alien races.
  • The neutralizer that can take away the powers of any super being. (It was used on Storm who stayed powerless for a very long time until Forge invented another device to reverse the effects)
  • A medical kit that took cell samples from people, check them for diseases and provided antibiotics.
  • A bag that could exceed it's physical capabilities and store many, many things.
  • Space suits with no movement reductions.
  • A psychic dampener for preventing the use of telepathic abilities.
  • An implant put on Mystique that prevented her from turning into a member of the X-Men or X-Factor for more than 30 seconds, also every time she used her powers a signal was sent, a similar one was placed on Sabretooth that prevented him of attacking anyone without permission.
  • A disc that downloaded government files without chance of been detected.
  • A device that enhanced Exodus powers.
  • Gauntlets created for Surge so she can control and direct her powers.
  • A time machine that also allowed the traveler to choose an alternate reality he liked to visit.

Alternate Realities

Earth-2149: Marvel Zombies

In the Marvel Zombies Forge sought refuge on Asteroid M with Magneto's Acolytes and helped develop prosthetic limbs for the Black Panther and a mechanical body for the severed zombie head of Wasp. He survived 40 years into the future, by which point he also supplied a robot body for the disembodied Hawkeye zombie head and patched up the reformed zombies Spider-Man and Luke Cage.


He was also a member of Black Panther's royal family as his daughter had married Black Panther's late son, who bore a son. Therefore, Forge was presumably just as much a grandfather to that boy as the Black Panther, but the boy pays no heed to this; doting on Black Panther while never referring to Forge as grandfather.

Forge is instrumental in repelling the zombie assault in 'Marvel Zombies 2' as he, with Reynolds, designed the force field that keeps the bad zombies out, and he had also over the past 40 years raided Tony Stark and Reed Richards' labs for useful tech to use for defense such as old Iron Man armors.

Earth-295: Age of Apocalypse

Earth - 295
Earth - 295

He worked as part of Magneto's X-Men but left after a fight with him. He formed his own group of mutants named as The Outcasts that posed as theatre performers, specially Shakespearean plays, they manage to destroy minor Apocalypse's facilities posing as a small resistance cell against the tyrant. Nate Grey, a mutant created in vitro combining Cyclops and Jean Grey DNA, escaped from Sinister labs joined this group and a father/son relation soon was formed, as well the Oustcast become Nate´s family. Forge trained Nate to one day defeat Sinister and Apocalypse, teaching Nate to not depend on his powers. Forge was killed by Sinister who disguised as Essex gained Nate's trust and betrayed them. in his final breath, Nate saw fragments of the life of his mentor and how Sinister killed him.

In this reality Forge has several cybernetic body parts created by him, the reason of these replacements its unknown. Moreover it was revealed that he had a relationship with Storm.


Ultimate Forge
Ultimate Forge

In the Ultimate Universe, Forge is with the Brotherhood of Mutants being led by Magneto. He joined the group because he was promised to be given Canada. Magneto asked Forge to create a power amplifier for him, a device similar to Cerebro but tuned for Magneto's powers. Forge also built a device to imitate Magneto's powers and used it to frame Polaris. They made it look like Polaris lost control of her powers so she would be sent to the same cell as Magneto. When her friends came to rescue her, Magneto used that opportunity to escape prison and trade places with Mystique. Mystique changed her appearance to look like Magneto and Forge used the machine again to make it look like she had Magneto's powers. Later Forge is in SHIELD custody and he builds a devise for Wolverine to use on the Hulk to keep him from transforming. When Mystique got him out of prison, they planned to free the prisoners in the Triskelion, the Ultimates' base of operations and super villain prison. This failed, and Forge was taken to the Savage Land where he was tortured and killed for information about Magneto.


In this reality, a British mutant named Smith has taken the name of Forge. They have same powers and are physical resemblances.

Earth-58163: House of M

In the House of M reality, Forge is a scientist working for Tony Stark, and one of the first to know that he is Iron Man. He used his technical skill to search for the Gene Bomb with Jarvis while Tony and Johnny Storm were looking all over the city for it before it killed all the mutants in the said vicinity.


In this reality, the Maestro have said that Forge created a weapon that is specifically used to kill the Maestro. Unfortunately, the Maestro killed Forge before he could use it. The Hulk used this weapon to kill the Maestro. It was made by Earth-616 Forge.



In the Mutant X reality Forge was hated by all mutants, since he was a traitor and manufactured weapons against them, he was captured by vampires and was going to be used as food. Storm, who was recently turned into a vampire herself, saved him and used him as her only food source. Every time she needed food, she fed on him. Eventually they become lovers.

X-Men: Misfits

In the re-imagined manga version of the X-Men, Forge was a student at Xavier's Academy. His real name was Matt Jenkins, and he was a member of the Hellfire Club; a group of elite students who often used and abused the capabilities of the Danger Room. As a member of the Hellfire Club, Forge would announce Angel's arrival to the rest of the student body. He soon became a close brother-like friend to Kitty Pryde, and continued to demonstrate his mutant ability of inventions as he boasted that he helped perfect the Danger Room. Although he does appear to have darkly tanned skin & black hair, it is unclear whether he was still of Native American descent. Unlike most other versions of Forge, he does not have any cybernetic limbs or body parts.

Other Media


X2: X-Men United

Forge is listed in William Stryker's files on Lady Deathstrike's computer.


X-Men: The Animated Series

X-Men: The Animated Series
X-Men: The Animated Series

When Iceman thought that Polaris had been kidnapped the X-Men attempted to imprison him to prevent him from behaving irrationally. Jubilee helped Iceman to escape and hunt down his lost love, which lead them to X-Factor. The X-Men trailed them, which led to a fight with the X-factor. As the two teams fought, Forge appeared to clarify the issues. He stated that X-Factor the local government team of mutants. As the tension also went down, he introduced his team to the X-Men including Quicksilver, Strong Guy, Wolfsbane and the young romantic couple of Polaris & Havok.

Forge also existed in Bishop's future timeline where he had invented the time machine that transported Bishop back to the X-Men's present day. He worked closely with Wolverine and survived a Nimrod attack. As an older man his hair had grown white at the temples, much like Reed Richards. He was voiced by Marc Strange.

X-Men: Evolution

X-Men Evolution
X-Men Evolution

In the re-imagined world where many of the X-Men were still students, Forge was radically different. Originally he was a teenager stuck in limbo during the 1970s. He had invented a device to reach a dimension he nicknamed "the Middleverse", however the device was left in the real world so he couldn't transport himself back. Only when Nightcrawler accidentally discovered Forge's secret lab under the school and used the machine to join him in the Middleverse could he begin to plan their escape back to the real world. He rejected the offer to join the X-Men, claiming that he had nearly 30 years worth of catching up to do with his family.

He later helped create a machine to test Nightcrawler's teleportation powers. He spoke with an outdated groovy, far-out slang, and had a mechanical multi-tool arm which transformed to suit whatever he needed and could even appear like a normal arm. He was voiced by Samuel Vincent.

Wolverine and the X-Men

When Wolverine re-assembled the X-Men, Forge became the resident gadget guy. He

Wolverine and The X-Men
Wolverine and The X-Men

repaired Cerebro and the Danger room after the institute was destroyed. He also created a new version of the Black Bird which was destroyed forcing him to rebuild it again. He did not usually go on missions due to his lack of experience in the field. However, he was always keen to prove himself and aid the X-Men. On one of the few occasions he went on a mission, he accompanied Kitty Pryde & Wolverine and hacked into the Mastermold IT system. However, when Kitty tried to hide him, she dumped him in the back of an MRD truck and therefore was forced to rescue him later on.

He was very protective over his work and warned Wolverine to be careful with it. When the X-Men went to find Storm, Forge appeared to warn them, possibly out of an emotional attachment to Storm. Forge also invented a collar that could temporarily de-power mutants. The collar was used successfully to calm Magma as she was being chased through the streets by the MRD, and it later became the target of Dr. Kavita Rao, who hired Gambit to steal it.

He was voiced by Roger Craig Smith.

Video Games

Capcom fighting games

Forge in XMVSF
Forge in XMVSF

Forge appears in Storm's ending in the fighting game X-Men: Children of the Atom, where he flies up to Storm to assist her in battle against a Sentinel. In X-Men vs. Street Fighter and Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, he appears as one of the heroes held captive in Apocalypse's stage. In Storm's ending in X-Men vs. Street Fighter, he and the others are freed after Apocalypse's defeat. He and Storm are about to share a romantic moment, but the calm is interrupted when Shuma-Gorath begins attacking, forcing the heroes to unite to stop him. Forge also appears in Strider Hiryu's ending in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, where he and other heroes assist Strider in his battle against the Reavers.

X-Men: Mutant Academy 2

Here Forge is a playable character in this fighting game.

X-Men Next Dimension

Next Dimension
Next Dimension

Forge is a playable character in this fighting game, where he has a major role in the plot. In the game's Story Mode, Forge is captured by a group of Sentinels under the command of Bastion. Bastion manipulates Forge and uses his mind to create mutant-hunting weapons to use against his teammates, including a weapon that strips mutants of their powers. When Bastion is defeated by Jean Grey, Forge is freed and reverses the effects of his weapon.

X-Men Legends

He appears as a NPC who sells items to the player when at your base camps.

X-Men Legends 2 : Rise Of Apocalypse

Again a NPC here he takes over Beast's position of selling items to the player when at the base camps.


X-Men: The Last Stand

In the novelization of X-Men: The Last Stand, Forge is mentioned as the inventor of the mobile prison that holds Mystique, Juggernaut and Multiple Man.


Marvel Legends
Marvel Legends
  • Forge was featured in Toy Biz's original Uncanny X-Men line from the 90's.
  • Forge was featured in Toy Biz's Marvel Universe 10-inch line of figures.
  • WizKids produced a Forge miniature for the HeroClix game.
  • Forge was featured in Hasbro's line for the Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon.
  • Forge was featured in a special Marvel Legends two-pack with Wolverine that was produced by Hasbro.

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