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    Forey is the service dog of the blind Inhuman Reader and always travels by his side.

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    Forey is the dog of the blind Inhuman Reader. He's mainly a service dog Reader uses as his eyes in situations where he needs to see. It is unknown where Reader and Forey met, but it was implied that they have known each other for a long time.


    Forey was created by Charles Soule and Ryan Stegman. His first appearance was in Inhuman #4 - Part 4: A Thunder God In Attilan.

    Major Story Arcs


    In the events of Inhuman, Reader travelled with Forey in search of new NuHumans to sell to the Inhuman splinter group Ennilux. Reader found and sold a girl named Iso who had the ability to manipulate pressure in the air around her. However, when Reader found out that Ennilux was ging to use Iso as a new vessel for the Capo. Reader freed Iso and after a heavy chase, Reader brought her to Attilan, where Reader brought a war with him. AFter the war ended in the favour of the Inhumans, Reader and Forey lived in Attilan for a while.

    Uncanny Inhumans

    After Reader and Forey settled in Attilan, it was revealed that the Capo was still alive and that he wanted revenge on Reader. Forey was kidnapped and Reader got extremely pissed to the point where, after he freed Forey, killed the Capo.

    Personal Statistics


    • Height: Unknown
    • Weight: Unknown
    • Eye Color: Red, purple when Reader sees via his eyes
    • Hair Color: Mainly white with some black and brown


    • Identity: Secret
    • Place of Birth: Unknown
    • Citizenship: Unknown
    • Education: Unknown
    • Occupation: Service dog
    • Known Relatives: Reader (owner)


    When Reader uses the "See" card he can look through Forey's eyes to see what Forey sees. Forey likely has enhanced senses like most dogs.

    Forey was strong enough to overpower a random Inhuman and he was durable enough to survive getting hit by a psychis arrow in the back.


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