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    A superhero team consisting of five New Gods.

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    Newly graduated from the Academy of Higher Conscience on New Genesis, Mark Moonrider, Dreamer Beautiful, Vykin, and Serafina are sent to Earth as part of a project to help underdeveloped worlds move forwards in their evolutionary process. There, they are met by Big Bear, the operator of the base where they will be stationed.


    The Forever People were created by Jack Kirby. The characters were updated for the New 52 by Dan DiDio and Keith Giffen.

    Team Evolution

    Bronze Age

    In their initial Bronze Age appearances, the team is formed of five New Gods: Mark Moonrider, Beautiful Dreamer, Vykin the Black, Big Bear, and Serifan. Infinity Man is also an honorary member of the team. The five members of the Forever People were raised together on New Genesis, and eventually began referring to themselves by the name "Forever People". When one of the members, Beautiful Dreamer, was kidnapped by Darkseid, the remaining Forever People banded together and travelled to Earth, where they rescued Beautiful Dreamer with the help of Superman and Infinity Man, who was the protector of the group. After Beautiful Dreamer was safe, the five decided to stay on Earth, to explore the planet.

    Modern Age

    The early Modern Age changed nothing about the group membership, however, they were retconned to being Earth-born humans who had been rescued from certain death by New Gods, who raised the children as future protectors of Earth. This retcon was itself retconned, however, and they were soon re-established as New Gods. They were also implied to be the next stage in the evolution of the New Gods.

    New 52

    The New 52 introduced the team's current origin. Membership remains unchanged, though they now merge consciousnesses with Infinity Man, rather than simply trading places with him, and also share one another's minds while merged.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Forever People

    In their self-titled series, the Forever People are involved in a number of adventures, and many times are involved in battles with Darkseid, who takes a special interest in the destruction of their group. They become trapped on the distant planet of Adon after the apparent death of Infinity Man, with whom they have switched places. There they establish a city, called Forevertown, and become used to life on the planet, though one team member, Vykin, dies soon after arrival. They encounter an entity known as the Dark, which takes control of Serifan and wreaks havoc on Adon until defeated by the remaining Forever People. After this battle, everything that has happened to the team while on Adon, including the death of Vykin, the births of a number of children and two marriages, is erased from existence. After this the team again takes residence on Earth.

    Death of the New Gods

    Prior to the events of the Death of the New Gods, all of the members of the Forever People were murdered by Infinity Man.

    Infinity Man and the Forever People

    Newly arrived on Earth, the Forever People are called on by Infinity Man to try to undo the destruction that has been wrought both by Highfather and Darkseid in their efforts to impose their wills on the universe. During their time on Earth they are brought into conflict with Red Lantern Guy Gardner and two Green Lanterns, who believe the team are involved in Highfather's war on the Lantern Corps. Soon after they are attacked by Aagog's Femmes Fatales, who briefly kill Mark Moonrider in their effort to capture Dreamer and the Anti-Life Equation for Aagog, though they are easily defeated by Dreamer.

    Alternate Versions

    Amalgam Universe

    A version of the Forever People appeared in the Amalgam Universe, as a team called the Un-People, which is a fusion of the Forever People and the Inhumans. This team was composed of Medusa Moonrider, Dream Crystal, Vykin the Black Bolt, Big Gorgon and Triserinak.

    Gods and Monsters

    A version of the team, created of apparently aged and decrepit humans subjected to a renewal process, appears in this comic book prequel to the Justice League: Gods and Monsters film.

    Other Media


    Justice League: Gods and Monsters

    Characters physically resembling some of the Forever People appear briefly in this film.


    Justice League

    The members of the Forever People made a cameo appearance at the end of the Justice League episode "Twilight Part 2." A longer appearance was scripted and animated, but ultimately cut for time.

    Young Justice

    No Caption Provided

    They appear in the Young Justice episode "Disordered," where they were revealed as the original owners of Superboy's pet Sphere. Their costumes were significantly redesigned for their appearance.


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