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And in the end—revealed at last! The untold story of the Forever People!

Maya, and the Forever People, confront Donald F. Bergman, an author, and Mister Knight, an agent of the Dark. Bergman's memories of the Forever People come flooding back to him. Realizing that the Dark have been suppressing his memories, Bergman rejects Knight. Abandoning his human guise, Knight becomes a maelstrom of shadows. Maya, and the Forever People, protect Bergman, from Knight, until the shadows dissipate. Bergman revels in a joyful reunion with the Forever People. Bergman introduces the Forever people to his pregnant wife, Nancy.

The Forever People explain why Bergman was targeted by the Dark. Bergman requests the use of one of Serifan's cosmic cartridges. Using the cartridge, Bergman, Nancy, and their unborn child, briefly become one with the universe. Upon regaining their normal state of consciousness, they find the Forever People have departed. Maya reveals the truth to the Forever People. The war between Apokolips and New Genesis is but a small part of a greater conflict between Order and Chaos. In the face of the coming Kali Yuga, the Lords of Order have withdrawn from the conflict, leaving only their human agent, Doctor Fate, to carry on the battle against the forces of Chaos.

Earth is the focal point of the conflict between chaos and order. Both Darkseid and Izaya, the Highfather, have observed the conflict on Earth, and manipulated it to their own ends. Izaya rescued five doomed children, from different points in Earth's history, and raised them on New Genesis. These five children would grow up to become the Forever People. Their restlessness on New Genesis attributed to the fact that each sensed they belonged somewhere else. Thus, they were drawn to Earth. Serifin makes peace with Mark Moonrider.

Maya gifts the Super-Cycle to the Forever People. Maya is revealed to be the essence of the Forever People's destroyed Mother Box. The Forever People feed their spirit into the Mother Box, to give Maya a few more moments of Life, just as Fyre attacks. As her final act, Maya defeats Fyre, then impregnates Beautiful Dreamer with her essence. The Forever People settle into their new rolls as protectors of the Earth. Beautiful Dreamer reveals her immaculate conception. The Dark reveals itself to still be a threat.


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