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"From Earth to Forever." The Forever People only think their return from forever will land them in the here and now. The Dark has other ideas…!

This issue follows the story of The Forever People, It acts as an overview of There travels, successes and losses of the Group.

The Stroy starts off with a key Member Sarifan, Telling us his version of events, of the time they went to earth. He tells us the history of The Forever People, before Proceeding with his tale.

Originated at a place called Supertown consisting of Five founding members. *Beautiful Dreamer Big Bear Serifan Vykin Mark Moonrider Other honorary members include Infinity Man motherbox


The leader of The Forever People is Mark Moonrider. He first formed the Forever People in a town called Supertown. Or New-Genesis, as the "stiffs" like to call it. It was a land beyond dreams, with unbelievable sights and colorful imagery, it was said to be a place as magical as Narnia, Wonderland and Neverland all rolled into one. It was a place reminiscent of The Garden of Eden. Peace and happiness throughout. Though always happy The Forever People become tired, bored and restless. They longed for adventure.


Mark had a goal that was to enlighten the world, to increase small uneducated nations, into super intelligent Beings.

"Alone we were dreamers, but together we were the dream itself. just beyond infinity's edge lies The Barrier. Its existence is known by few-- And they Guard The Secret Jealousy. For what lies beyond the barrier is forever, and forever, can be a dangerous place" The day after Forever

The Forever People set off on a journey into the unknown. After not so long they crashed landed on earth. They lived there for roughly 6months to a year. A Place called Adon. They came across the natives after about a month, this was back when earth was an uneducated place and everyone was innocent, not scared by war and knowledge. It was an exotic place, the forest was vast, the earth was green all over. The Forever people were welcomed in by the innocent child like species. Then Mark Moonrider decided to push his plan forward. This was to be the downfall of The Forever People,,,, Mother Box

The Forever People, are an extremely evolved civilization, The invented a Team member/computer called the Mother Box. The power of the Mother Box is forever. Its capability's are to alter brainwaves to increase the speed of evolution, It showed the brain the travels and knowledge that The Forever People have endured. Mark became power mad and almost forced the natives of Adon to undergo the Techno Psychic Surgery. Earthlings were perfect shells for Mark. After an unimaginable amount of surgery had taken place, Mother Box exploded and killed Loyal member Vykin.


While on Earth the Forever People disrupted the evil plans of Darkseid. This was not the kind of attention Mark wanted, During there visit Beautiful Dreamer was kidnapped, Mark was not impressed. Due to the Fact they had stumbled across an intergalactic war. New-Genesis and Apokolis Had got themselves into a war while they were vacant from supertown, Mark blamed Sarifan for the situation they were in. They had to rescue Dreamer. Darkseid was the leader of the Apokolis. He was about to test the Non-Violent Group to there fullest.

The war

The war was the fault of a maniac partner of Darkseid known as Devilance, They both partnered up to destroy the peaceful place of New Genesis, they waged war on all that was peaceful, and earth was where he chose his HQ. Nowhereland

During there rescue mission of Beautiful Dreamer, A Hero called infinity man, an honorary member of the Forever People, came to lend the somewhat innocent Group a hand. Infinity man and Devilance Clashed in a furious battle, both blew up and vanished, just before this battle Infinity man saved all of The Forever People from certain danger including Beautiful Dreamer, but instead of teleporting them to a safe haven, they all became Trapped in between cosmic barriers known as Nowhereland. Where Are They Now

The Forever People are scattered around the cosmos, most playing vital roles in keeping the cosmos, especially Supertown. Mark Moonrider is the New Mayor of Supertown, Big Bear and Beautiful Dreamer are now happily married. One Member has changed Dramatically since there time on Earth. Sarifan has been left bitter and twisted by the Death of his good friend Vykin. Mark is who he blames for the Tragedy. He Remains in a manic state, and is powered by darkness to seek revenge on Moonrider.....

The Story ends with Serifan/Sarifan Returning From Nowhereland, where he was abandoned by Mark Moonrider without the Knowledge of The Forever People, A mysterious Creature called "The dark" Releases him from his prison. He Then Proceeds to Supertown. Meanwhile The remaining Members of The Forever People, are attending a party, hosted by Mark Moonrider, the new mayor of Supertown/New Genesis. As Serifan Approaches on the back of the creature known as Dark. The Story Ends..........



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