Forever Man

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    Immortal mutant.

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    Morgan McNeil Hardy was the mentor of Turner D. Century and a deeply conservative man who used his wealth to stop social progress, viewed by him as decay. When killed in conflict with Captain America, Hardy regenerated as the Forever Man. He was an immortal who had lived at least since the time of Ancient Egypt.

    The life circle of the Forever Man was simple. A young boy, with looks typical for the country and era of his "birth", would awaken with no memory of prior existence. He would grow to become a man, age and eventually die. The corpse would eventually regenerate to another young boy. The conditions of his conflict with Captain America mutated him. Now the Immortal Man had access to the memories of all his previous lives and the regeneration process only took seconds. Attempts at suicide have failed. Even throwing himself at the Sun resulted in a regeneration as a being made of solar plasma. While Morgan supposedly lost his memory when than incarnation died, the Avengers had some doubts if this was true.

    Hardy was at one point considered to be the wealthiest man in America.


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