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    Spinning out of the conclusion of Trinity War, the Justice League is dead, and the Secret Society of Super Villains lead by the Crime Syndicate of Earth 3 take over Earth.

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    Main Crossover

    Forever Evil is a storyline that spun out of the conclusion of DC's Justice League crossover, Trinity War. Forever Evil is the first major event of The New 52 with its own titled mini-series and tie-ins. The event launched in September 2013 with the launch of Forever Evil #1 alongside the line-wide New 52 event known as Villains Month. Following September, three more tie-in miniseries would launch, along with the event spreading to multiple ongoing titles through March 2014.

    The story revolves around the Crime Syndicate invading the main Earth of the DC Universe after Trinity War and taking over the world while convincing it that the Justice Leagues are dead. The Crime Syndicate attempts to unite all the villains of the world, swearing they'll hunt down any remaining heroes while exposing Dick Grayson's identity of Nightwing to the world. While most villains join the Syndicate, others such as Lex Luthor attempt to fight back, forming the Injustice League.

    Forever Evil: Blight

    For more, see: Forever Evil: Blight

    A second crossover began with Forever Evil titled Forever Evil: Blight. This story saw John Constantine survive the initial attack of the Crime Syndicate, and attempt to save the rest of his teammates while battling a physical manifestation of evil known as Blight.

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