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    Get Wrecked!

    The issue shows how brilliant Lex Luthor is on more than one way. Without giving away much everyone got wrecked as an all our war sprung up between the Injustice League and the Crime Syndicate. The art work, story line and character development was amazing and that's why I rate this issue 5/5.

    This issue did leave some odd questions floating about. Spoiler Alert!!!!

    Did Batman and Wonder Woman have a relationship before Superman got with her? Her lasso brought them back but was only useful with someone who had a strong bond with her.

    What are the Anti-Monitor's motives towards Darkseid? And who is his companion?

    What's going to happen now that Superwoman's child is still alive and kicking?

    Will Ultraman ever recover from his brake down?

    There are 2 Owlmen roaming gotham, how will this work out?

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      Warning Potential Spoilers AheadThe BookForever Evil is finished. I was hoping I could have said that over a month ago but it's good to say now. While not the best event is has been one of the more interesting ones. I've seen a lot of people draw comparisons with Marvel's Dark Reign but frankly I think that that isn't an exactly correct comparison. Forever Evil had the villains actually be the heroes and no villain better personified that than Lex Luthor.Forever Evil is basically Lex's story. I...

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      This was a great ending for this event and Luthor and his injustice league really shined in this one. Black Adam and Sinestro reminded us why they are such powerful characters and shoudn´t be messed with, but Luthor is the real star of this issue with his relationship with Bizarro and his confrontation with the Syndicate´s membersThe only things that bothered me were how Batman freed the JL (this being the only thing he did that mattered in the entire story arc, but since it didnt ha...

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