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Forever Evil #7

Warning Potential Spoilers Ahead

The Book

Forever Evil is finished. I was hoping I could have said that over a month ago but it's good to say now. While not the best event is has been one of the more interesting ones. I've seen a lot of people draw comparisons with Marvel's Dark Reign but frankly I think that that isn't an exactly correct comparison. Forever Evil had the villains actually be the heroes and no villain better personified that than Lex Luthor.

Forever Evil is basically Lex's story. I'm not going to give away what happens in this issue, but what DC has done here may be the most believable example of Villain turned Hero that the comics industry has made yet. If it sticks and how they handle it going forward only time will tell.


I'm personally not a big fan of David Finch's artwork. That's not to say it's bad, on the contrary it's clear why the book was delayed so that they could give time for the art. However I think this issue required an artist with more dynamic movement than Finch offers.

Marketing for Forever Evil #7 has been odd. While the event itself has been a big deal I feel like DC dropped the ball on the conclusion so that they could focus on the now occurring Future's End storyline. It's a bit disappointing to see that DC delayed so many books so that Forever Evil 7 could come out and then they essentially ignored the issue.

Part of the problem with this series is that DC has been using Forever Evil to give us 'glimpses of the greater DCU'. While it's been great seeing Doom Patrol, Metal Men, and Rubber Band Man I feel like some of it has been unnecessary. In this issue in particular one hero shows up and, while I'm excited for what DC can do with him, I can't help but wonder if his appearance would have had more weight if he had appeared under some other circumstances.

It's offhandedly mentioned that several members of the JL and JLA are still MIA. I know that DC is going to focus more on this in the future, it just seems odd how little weight it put on it.


Forever Evil was a fun event. I greatly enjoyed how the villains were used and I feel like the DCU is a big place for the first time since the New 52 began. While taking a while to reach its conclusions I still enjoyed the event overall and the event seems to have some long lasting effects on the DCU. I can't wait to see how those effects pan out in the coming year.


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