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For this review I will assume you have read the issue.

This issue picks up right where the previous left off with Sinestro pursuing Power Ring in the sewers and a standoff between the Secret Society, Luthor's Injustice League and Batman & Catwoman. This allowed for some nice face-time between Lex and Batman though it fell a little flat and predictable. There are some inconsistencies with Shadow Thief's appearance here against this weeks Red Lantern's #28, as Black Manta takes her down and saves Captain Cold. Captain Cold and Bizarro have been two of my favorite parts of Forever Evil between the Captains witty remarks and Bizarro's few humanizing moments. In the middle of the fight Lex manages to make a deal to convince Deathstroke to switch sides. I have a minor complaint here, the reasoning Lex uses to sway Slade over to his side seems like a conclusion Slade should have already come to on his own. Back to the fight in the sewers, Sinestro brutally takes down Power Ring in a scene which was one of my highlights of the issue. Batman attempting to assert his plans over the Injustice League were pretty funny as was Captain Cold's remark about him. Also Sinestro's 3 panels with Batman almost made the issue on it's own.


The story progresses more than it has in previous issues and the art remains consistent which I happen to enjoy. Sinestro's take down of Power Ring was nicely illustrated, from the buzz-saw to the gradual deflation of Power Ring's arm.


Not much, basically just my issue with Lex's quick deal with Deathstroke during the fight.

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