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Forever Evil #4 Review

This would start to change slightly in this issue, as Geoff Johns starts to implement more interesting developments, utilising previous Justice League material perfectly. Johns would also continue to add a lot of suspense and drama in this issue, and with it still lacking ever so slightly in the development region this would be a much needed addition. Johns would also start to bring more of the big time players together in this issue, cultivating in some fantastic character interactions. On top of that Johns would continue to develop the Crime Syndicate perfectly and it should only be a matter of time before the series pays off big time.

David Finch would also do a fantastic job of the artwork in this issue, with his work in this issue possibly being his best yet. The detail in Finch’s artwork was simply outstanding, as despite the usual minor imperfection it would be very impactful. The best part of Finch’s art however had to be the layout, and especially during the sequence with Batman confronting Luthor, as the shadowy nature of Batman would add a lot of intensity to the sequence. The only main negativity I have with Finch’s art is with the cover, as though it was very good it felt slightly awkward.

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