Forever Evil #1

    Forever Evil » Forever Evil #1 - Nightfall released by DC Comics on November 2013.

    Issue one out of seven in the Forever Evil miniseries.

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    The first universe-wide event of The New 52 begins as FOREVER EVIL launches! The Justice League is DEAD! And the villains shall INHERIT the Earth! An epic tale of the world’s greatest super-villains starts here!

    Plot Summary

    The first issue deals with entrance of the Crime Syndicate as they wreak havoc on the world. The Crime Syndicate also capture Nightwing and reveal to the villains of the world that they have defeated the Justice League and that the world is theirs for conquer.

    Full Plot

    Spinning out of the end of Trinity War, Lex Luthor finds himself being released from prison. While riding his helicopter back to Metropolis, the city all of sudden turns dark and the helicopter loses control and crashes into the Lexcorp building. The culprit is revealed to be Grid, a member of the Crime Syndicate, he states that Gotham will be the next to go off line.

    In Gotham, Nightwing is passing by Arkham Asylum when notices someone ripping open the doors to the Asylum, he attempts to battle the culprit but is beaten and quickly apprehended.

    Back in Metropolis, Luthor notices a figure whom he briefly first mistakes as Superman who flies in and crashes into his building. The figure is revealed to be Ultraman who proceeds to crush and inhale a piece of kryptonite.

    Elsewhere, in Central City, The Rogues are successful in their prison break when they catch a glimpse of a figure they mistake as the Flash before he brutally murders a security guard and is revealed to be Johnny Quick, another member of the Crime Syndicate. The Rogue's story will be further expanded upon the Forever Evil: Rogue's Rebellion tie-in series.

    At Belle Reve prison, Amanda Waller is speaking to prisoner Black Manta and asks him to join her Suicide Squad when they suddenly attacked by two other members of the Crime Syndicate Deathstorm and Power Ring.

    Back in Gotham, a slew of Batman's villains including Two-Face, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, and Mr. Freeze contemplate the Crime Syndicate's offer of joining their secret society. Gotham and Arkham Asylum's story line are expanded upon in the Forever Evil: Arkham War tie-in series.

    At Happy Habor in the fallen remains of the Justice League's watchtower, the Crime Syndicate has assembled a mass array of the world's villains and exclaim to them that they have managed to kill the Justice League and that the world is indeed their's. They throw artifacts such as Aquaman's trident, Wonder Woman's Lasso, and Superman's cape in proof of their conquest, and offer the villains a chance at either joining them or standing in their way.

    The Crime Syndicate bring up the captured Nightwing and remove his mask to reveal the identity to the world. The Teen Titans, Batgirl, and even Lex Luthor react in a shocked and surprised manner.

    Ultraman and the rest of the Crime Syndicate revel in their victory and it is revealed that Ultraman is harmed by the ray's of the sun (a stark contrast to Superman who gets much of his power from the sun) and he proceeds to push the moon and block the earth from the sun. Lex Luthor sits in dismay as the issue ends with him exclaiming "This is a job for Superman. So where the hell is he?"



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    The Evil Rule 0

    With the way Trinity War ended how could anyone not be excited for this event. With it making a massive change to the DC Universe, being the first company wide crossover since the start of the New 52 I'm expecting a lot, and I'm sure it won't disappoint.PlotWith the Justice League presumed dead, the Crime Syndicate plan to take over this world, recruiting as many villains as they can to do so.ReviewThis was a fantastic issue, and although it wasn't quite as good as I hoped it would be, it was a ...

    11 out of 12 found this review helpful.

    A Good Start 0

    Hi. I know I haven't been very active in reviews lately, but I figured Forever Evil is the perfect time to start. I'll try and be as active as I can be with reviews after this, but I can't guarantee a schedule. Anyway, enough of my pointless rambling. How does the first issue of Forever Evil fair? Let's find out.The PlotWithout going into spoilers, here's the best I can summarize the plot: Following the events of Trinity War, the Justice League is dead (isn't a spoiler since DC won't stop ...

    3 out of 4 found this review helpful.

    Not As Good As Expected But Promising 0

    This review was originally posted on The Founding Fields here.“A bold new vision of the New 52 DCU is beginning to unfold here and this is going to be one hell of a ride if this issue is any indication, aside from a few negatives.” ~Shadowhawk, The Founding FieldsTrinity War ended last month, kicking off the “main event” as it were, Forever Evil, which is where the supervillains of DC universe take over now that all the “first generation” heroes such as the Ju...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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