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    Character » Forever Carlyle appears in 46 issues.

    Forever is the Lazarus of the Carlyle family. The member that received all the best training, technology and enhancements.

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    Forever is a Lazarus, A Lazarus is a genetically modified human who has been raised since birth to serve under a major family, following any order given by the head of the family without any remorse even to the extent of executing people they know are innocent.

    Forever was created for the Carlyle family, However it is revealed that she actually isn't Carlyle's real daughter, and her siblings refer to her as "replaceable". She was trained since birth by numerous teachers, however she obviously doesn't go through a normal type of school. Forever was learning how to kill efficiently.

    Each Lazarus is different, Forever is genetically modified to be a "Super Soldier", while another one may of been modified with major cybernetics.

    Current Affairs

    After an attack on a Carlyle holding. Malcolm the head of the Carlyle family decides to go to war with the Morray family the perpetrators of the attack. Forever is sent to deal with them but is captured in the process.

    Powers and Abilities

    Forever has been genetically enhanced and the full extent of what she can do has yet to be revealed this is what we have seen thus far:

    Healing factor: Forever has a very good healing factor, allowing her to heal from bullet wounds very easily despite them all puncturing her organs repeatedly, and has even survived being shot by an Apache missile while inside a car that blew up.

    Unarmed and armed Combat: Forever is a very gifted combatant ranging from unarmed, melee and gun combat. Her signature style is with her sword.

    Stealth: Forever is gifted at stealth being able to sneak into enemy compounds unnoticed.

    Super Strength: Forever has a degree of enhanced strength, despite having been shot 6+ times throughout her organs repeatedly, she was able to overpower grown men bigger then her, something that would be hard for a normal female at full strength.

    X-Ray Vision: Forever possesses X-Ray vision allowing her to see threw walls, this allowed her to see someone was stealing from her family.


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