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A member of Captain Enrico Marini's Bravo team, Speyer served as the team's dedicated marksman, demo expert and omni-man. As such, Forest often participated in target practice competitions with fellow RPD officers Chris redfield and Kevin Ryman, with Speyer usually coming second. During the 'Mansion incident' of 1998 Speyer and the rest of Bravo team were deployed in order to investigate the increasing number of deaths and disappearances in the mountain region of Raccoon city. In the process of the operation BRAVO team stumbled across a derelict prison van that had been transporting Marine Billy Coen for court martial and execution; in response Marini assigned Rebecca chambers to the investigation of the Ecliptic Express railway line whilst the remaining Bravo members searched the surrounding forest.

However, the rest of the team was separated by Cerberi and fled to the nearby Spencer mansion for shelter, leaving Rebecca behind in the process. Hoping to rendezvous at the residence Bravo split up in four directions: Enrico searched the caves, Kenneth checked the west area, Richard secured the residence and Forest monitored the East Balcony. Little to their knowledge both Edward Dewey and Kevin Dooley had been killed, whereas help would not arrive for hours to come. When Alpha team finally turned up they discovered that Bravo team had all but been wiped out by B.O.Ws; Kenneth had been mauled to death by a zombie, Forest had suffered lethal bird wounds and Richard was on the verge of death due to snake bite injuries. Barry is the first to discover Speyer's body on the East balcony and presents Forest's grenade launcher to either Chris or Jill (depending on chosen character).

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