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    A former minion of Justin Hammer who became an ally to Iron Man

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     Namor vs Force
     Namor vs Force

    Clayton Wilson had stolen a prototype device that could create a protective force field from Dr Damon Walters. Wilson, a graduate student at ESU in New York City, was Walters' research assistant and wanted the device for his own use as a weapon. He used the device as part of a battlesuit and called himself Force. He went to Times Square reveling in his power and proclaiming that he would takeover the world. Force's ambitions were cut short by Namor, the Sub-Mariner, who was in New York on business that involved a meeting with Dr Walters.



    Steve Gerber and Don Heck created Clayton Wilson also known as Force in 1973. Gerber wrote the story and Heck penciled the art for Prince Namor, the Savage Sub-Mariner #67 (11/1973) with Wilson as a research assistant. Frank Bolle inked the art for this issue. 
    Gerber and Heck were the writer and penciller for Prince Namor, the Savage Sub-Mariner #68 (1/1974) with Wilson becoming Force. Jim Mooney was the inker for this issue.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Work for Justin Hammer

     Force in 1980s
     Force in 1980s
    Later, Force went to work for Justin Hammer who gave him the usual deal as his other minions. Hammer financed Force's criminal career and provided equipment for his battlesuit in exchange for being a minion of Hammer and a cut of the profits. Force became a high ranking operative in charge of Hammer's hijacking operation. He stole various types of seacraft such as yachts, cruise ships, etc. Force happened to hijack the yacht of Tony Stark who was on vacation with Bethany Cabe, Ling McPherson and Jim Rhodes. Stark changed into Iron Man while Force and the mercenaries with him were busy with the others. 
    Iron Man defeated the mercenaries which gave Force time to escape with the yacht and the others as his prisoners. Force brought them to Hammer at a huge submarine but Iron Man was able to track Force. He defeated Hammer and Force and severely damaged the submarine. Iron Man was able to rescue the others but Hammer and Force managed to escape capture. Many months later, Force had a change of heart and no longer wished to intimidate or torment people in his criminal activities. 
    Force told Hammer about his doubts and Hammer seemed to support Force. Hammer had other ideas though when he had a circuit called a Safelok installed into Force's battlesuit. The Safelok would prevent any type of communication while inside the suit either verbally or broadcast over a signal. The Safelok would also use the battlesuit's own power to kill Force if he tried to take off the battlesuit. Force decided to escape from Hammer anyway and went to Iron Man for help. 
    After a brief altercation, Force was able to get Iron Man to understand his predicament. Iron Man was able to get Force out of the battlesuit safely but Iron Man told Force he had to be turned over to the police. Later, Force was placed in a holding cell at a local police station. When Hammer hears about this, he sent Blacklash, the second Blizzard and the first Beetle to kill Force but they were defeated by Iron Man, Rhodes and Force. Iron Man reported to the police that Force died in battle which was also relayed to Hammer.

    A New Life

    Iron Man gave Force a new identity and a new job at Barstow Electronics, a subsidiary of Stark Enterprises. Force worked there as a research scientist under the alias of Carl Walker. Force had also worn the Iron Man armor on at least two separate occasions as a favor to Stark. The first time to help Stark against the Fixer and the second time at the request of War Machine to be part of a group to fight Ultimo
    Later, Force's true identity was revealed after background checks and fingerprints were required for employees of Barstow Electronics after getting a government contract. Force was blackmailed into working with stolen Stark technology and tricked into believing that Stark had revealed his true identity to the government. Force back in his battlesuit went after Stark and attacked him in Iraq. Stark explained that he had been told lies and Force believed him then helped him get out of Iraq.

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