Force Warriors

    Team » Force Warriors appears in 30 issues.

    A group of psionic-based mutants who use their powers to construct the protective Force Walls around Fortress X in the Age of X storyline. They're never called in to combat (only to recreate barriers after the battles) and are therefore seen as superstarts by some of the younger mutants.

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    Before they became the Force Warriors, the mutants who would form this psionic group were separate loners.  Living in a world where it was illegal for any human being to have the X-Gene, they were each individuals, struggling for survival.  Magneto established his mutant haven, Fortress X, just outside of New York City.  It became a place for all mutants to gather together to fight alonside each other for survival.  Unlike the other mutants who were orchestrated to fight off the Exonim intruders, the Force Warriors were specifically organised to create psionic barriers that would protect Fortress X. 


    Designed by Clay Mann, the Force Warriors were the concept of Mike Carey as part of his Age of X cross-over story. 


    When Legacy was introduced in the Age of X she observed that it was day 1,000 and that every day had been the same.  The following events would seem to indicate that the daily routine consisted of the human anti-mutant forces attacking Fortress X, the mutants would fight & drive them back, and finally the Force Warriors would be sent to re-establish the Force Walls to protect Fortress X.  As such, although we don't currently know the exact moment this team was brought together, logic would dictate that they existed for at least 1,000 days. 


    Creating the Force Walls
    Creating the Force Walls
    The Force Warriors are never included in a battle and are purely a strategic defensive force.  They use Force Walls to protect their team members. The Force Walls that they psionically create after every battle slow the human forces down.  The humans must then waste time breaking down the Force Walls, which denies them the element of surprise.   
    The human threat must be removed from around Fortress X before the Force Warriors are brought out.  This allows them the luxury of creating new Force Walls without the danger of being attacked.  As they have such an exclusive role, many of the young mutants who reside within Fortress X see them as superstars to idolise, and the girls discuss which of the male members they have crushes on. 

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