Force of July

    Team » Force of July appears in 25 issues.

    A team of patriotic super heroes.

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    Agents of the government espionage organisation, the American Security Agency, the Force of July operates under the supervision of the ASA's director, B. Eric Blairman. The ASA's purpose - to eliminate all subversive activities contrary to the best interests of the United States - has brought them into conflict with the Outsiders, whom the Force of July wrongly believed to be enemies of the state.

    Fervently patriotic, each member of the Force possesses not only a unique super power, but top level government clearance and a virtual carte blanche to use any means possible to achieve their goals. The members include; Lady Liberty, a woman presumed to be of French origin, who channels her energy manipulating powers through a vessel shaped like a torch, Major Victory, the group leader and man of enormous strength and endurance; Mayflower, a young woman possibly of English origin, who controls and accelerates the growth of all manners of vegetable life; Silent Majority, a taciturn man capable of producing identical replicas of himself; and Sparkler, a young boy whose powers make him a human firework display.

    The true identities of the Force of July are classified information and even their existence is unknown to the general American public.


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