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The Force Family debuted in   Adventures of Superman Annual  #5 (1993) with uncle Harry Force who transforms into a massive were-creature, and cousin Orrie who works for S.T.A.R. Labs in Metropolis. 

Donna Carol ForceD.C. Force  (directed current, its a pun), or Sparx as she preferred to be known, was the only member of Canada's Force Family not to have developed a metahuman ability.After a tip from cousin Orrie a S.T.A.R. Labs employee, Donna and her uncle Harry traveled from Canada to Metropolis. They both intended to deliberately trigger her metagene, by allowing Gemir one of the parasitic aliens from the Bloodlines event to bite her. Sparx debuted in  Adventures of Superman Annual  #5 (1993). 

Allure Force-Botier, is an implied multiple murderess, and the black sheep of the Force Family. She has survived four husbands, lives in New Orleans, and literally transforms into a black widow werespider. Allure debuted in  Showcase 94' #6 (June 1994).  Unseen family member Hank Force supposedlty hung out  with a "team of caustic mutant types", as explained by a letter from Donna to Harry in the backmatter of  Blood Pack #3 (May 1995).  

Superboy and the Ravers

The rest of the family debut in  Superboy and the Ravers  #10  (June 1997), and later return in issues 13, 15, and 17 . The Force Family are the largest and probably only mainstream continuity supergroup in DC Comics' Canada. Their closest Marvel analogs are the Clan Destine. The Force Family lives in a rustic yet high tech Fantastic Four styled compound in the fictional town of Timberton, British Columbia. And it appears that the entire town of Timberton is populated by members of their extended family. The town of Timberton also hosts a Force Family museum, filled with statuary which seem to indicate that they have been operating since the time of the Roman Empire. The "special forces" of the Force Family prefer to use their powers to secretly help people, Sparx is the only member of the family to buck tradition, go public, and wear a costume.


  • Donna Carol Force is better known as Sparx and has electrical abilities.  
  • Iris Force the precognitive matriarch and grandmother of Donna Carol Force.  
  • Gail Force who controls the wind mother of Donna.  
  • Tetrad Force husband of Gail and father of Donna who can create four duplicates of himself.  
  •  Harry Force Donna's uncle who can become a werebeast and nearly got her killed.  
  •  Doc Force is Donna's uncle who has X-Ray vision and runs the local doctor's office.  
  •  Smith Force runs the town smithy  and is a large man with superhuman strength.   
  • Calvin Force is Donna's older brother whose metagene was triggered after Harry pushed him into a vat of chemicals.     
  •  Her younger brother a young boy named Stat Force has superspeed.  
  •  Her cousin Minnie Force can either shrink or is permanently small.  
  •  Her cousin Piston Force appears to be living metal.  
  •  Her cousin Anastasia Force is an empath who can soothe the emotions of others.   
  •  Allure Force-Botier is Donna's aunt and becomes an orange black widow werespider.  
  •  There are other named and unnamed family members visible in their six appearances, these include Donna's cousins Hank, and Orrie. 

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