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    Irving Forbush was a fictional office gofer at Marvel Comics. As Forbush Man he wears red long johns, a cape and a metal pot on his head.

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    Irving Forbush was a lowly office gofer at Marvel Comics who lived in a house with Auntie Mayhem, his shrewish old maid aunt. One day in a moment of anger, Forbush's aunt slammed a cooking pot over his head, giving him the inspiration for the disguise that would make him Forbush Man.


    Forbush Man was created by Stan Lee. He first appeared as Irving Forbush, a fictional low level Marvel employee, who was the butt of Stan Lee's jokes. In 1955, Irving Forbush first appeared in Marvel's short lived, Mad Magazine aping, Snafu magazine where he received credit as the magazine's founder. His heroic alter-ego, Forbush Man did not appear until 1967.

    Major Story Arcs

    Early Years of Forbush Man

    The Friday, October 13, 1939 edition of the Daily Bugle includes the birth announcement for Irving Forbush. His parents were Stan and Jacqueline Forbush and they were quoted as being disappointed because they wanted a daughter instead.

    Not Brand Echh

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    Forbush Man made several appearances in the Not Brand Echh series where in spite of lacking any superhuman powers, he was able to triumph over a number of super powered foes through pure, dumb luck.

    Forbush Man also attempted to join several superhero teams including The Revengers (The Avengers), S.H.E.E.S.H. (S.H.I.E.L.D.), and The Echhs-Men (X-Men), but each attempt ended in disaster for the group he was attempting to join.

    What The--?!

    Forbush Man later appeared in What The--?!, the spiritual successor to Not Brand Echh. In a parody of DC Comic's The Death of Superman, cleverly titled, "The Death of Forbush Man," Forbush Man meets his demise at the hands of Dumsday, a parody of Doomsday.


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    Forbush Man next appeared in Nextwave, where he was a member of the New Paramounts, a superpowered team who worked for H.A.T.E.. This Forbush Man was super powered, and also decidedly villainous, attempting to kill the members of Nextwave. His mental powers had no effect on Boom Boom who used her powers to blow him up.

    Powers and Abilities

    Prior the Nextwave, he had no powers, but lots of dumb luck, which was the only way be defeated enemies.

    In the Nextwave, by removing his helmet, Forbush Man is able to project ultrarealistic illusions of a person's personal hell into their mind. There they would suffer until their mind could not take the pain anymore and they died. This power had no effect on Tabitha Smith who seemingly has no mind worth affecting.

    Alternate Universes

    Earth-8101 - Marvel Apes

    An ape version of Irving Forbush appeared in this universe.

    Earth-8311 - Larval Earth

    An unnamed individual wearing Forbush Man's trademark pot and red long johns appears on Larval Earth where he is apparently a member of that universe's version of the Fantastic Four, known as the Fantastic Fur.


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