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Michael Trace was the CEO of a profitable company that was dismantled after a tragedy involving Michael's mother and a school bus. Feeling personally guilty for what happened, Michael left everything behind in order to find a new meaning for his life.


Michael Trace (fourth person to be named Foolkiller, but the first in the MAX Universe) was created by Gregg Hurwitz and Lan Medina and first appeared in Foolkiller Vol.2 issue 1 (2007).

Major Story Arcs

A Killer of Fools

While living on the streets for some time, Michael went through a great change of personality, becoming a person obsessed with the idea of those responsible for corrupting the society as well, in his own opinion. The solution for that kind of fool -- that is, the man responsible for not respecting the consequences of his actions and thus, problem was simple for him -- killing or punishing everybody he thought was a fool, hence the Foolkiller name. That was the point in which he started his career as a vigilante, terrorizing the criminal community.

Powers and Equipment

Michael Trace is skilled with all manner of weapons, but he generally only uses a sword or katana to fight with.


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