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Greg Salinger was the second man to assume the identity of the Foolkiller. He is a soldier and veteran of the Vietnam War, after which he lost his hopes for humanity and slowely hit rock bottom. While in jail for disorderly conduct, Salinger made the acquaintance of Richard Rory. Rory related the whole sordid story of the original Foolkiller (Ross Everbest)) to his cellmate. Although he didn't share Everbest's religious convictions, Salinger nonetheless took the story and its morals - that there was a rapidly spreading decay in society - to heart. Upon his release, he managed to steal the Foolkiller costume and weaponry from the authorities, and took the title for himself.


Foolkiller (Gregory Sallinger) was created by Roger Stern and Lee Elias and first appeared (in a cameo) in Omega the Unknown Vol.1 issue 8 (1977) before appearing fully one issue later in issue 9 (also from 1977). He was inspired by the original Foolkiller Ross Everbest.

Major Story Arcs

The New Foolkiller

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Salinger traveled to New York, to thank Rory for the inspiration. While there, he executed his first fool, the super-villain Blockbuster. He later attempted to kill the extradimensional Lunatik, a conflict which introduced him to the Defenders. A misunderstanding led him to believe view the Defenders as fools, and he tried to kill them, only to be beaten and apprehended by Hellcat and the Valkyrie.

After his confrontation with the Defenders, Salinger was never incarcerated, as the vehicle transporting him hydroplaned off the road while in transit. He escaped, and resumed his killing and enrolling at Empire State University. He went on to kill several more fools around campus, even attempting to kill a registrar there, before coming into conflict with Spider-Man. Overhearing a suggestion that anyone who would fight Spider-Man had to be a fool, the by-now extremely mentally unstable Salinger found himself in agreement with the assessment and tried to take his own life. Spider-Man stopped him, and he was arrested once more.

A New York court found Salinger unfit to stand trial, and shipped him back to his home state of Indiana. There, he was incarcerated in the maximum security ward of a mental hospital. He remains there to this day. While investigating the Scourge of the Underworld, a costume killing vigilante with a similar M.O. to the Foolkiller's, Captain America and Diamondback visited Salinger at the hospital. Satisfied he was safely locked away and could not be the killer, they resumed their investigation.

Not long after, Salinger developed a pen-pal relationship with a like-minded citizen and encouraged and assisted Kurt Gerhardt in following in his footsteps and becoming the third Foolkiller.

Foolkiller Renewed: Mercs for Money

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While in custody, Gregory started studying to become a psyciatrist. When released, he resumed this study, but could not hang up his identity as the Foolkiller. When he was contacted by the mercenarie known as Deadpool, he was invited to join a team of other anti-heroes in hope of restoring order and stopping 'fools''. Foolkiller donned a new costume and became a prominent member of the Mercs for Money.

Powers and Equipment

His Purifier gun was a laser pistol which could incinerate a man within seconds or open wholes in brick walls within minutes. It could fire accurately within a distance of thirty yards. He also used other other offensive weapons at times. Along with surveillance equipment the weapons were loaded on his specially equipped armored track. He used the track to locate and truck down his victims of choice.


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