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Edwin Gauss was a physics student at M.I.T. looking to definitively prove Albert Einstein's Unified field theory. After feverish effort, which included the theft of software from electronics billionaire Norman Bridges, Gauss invents a method of interdimensional travel. He developed an exoskeleton which allows his physical form to move across at least four dimensions.

Bridges, who considers the exoskeleton Gauss developed (using Bridges' software) to be his own property, pursues Gauss to claim the technology for himself. Gauss reinvents himself as a costumed criminal named "the Folded Man". His new criminal career brings him into conflict with Wally West , the third Flash, although he has so far escaped capture.

In Infinite Crisis, Folded Man becomes a member of the Secret Society of Super Villains.

New 52

DcNU Folded Man (1st Appearance)
DcNU Folded Man (1st Appearance)

Folded Man is one of the escapees shown following the events after Captain Cold broke free and escaped Iron Heights. Iris West is cornered by Folded Man, alongside fellow inmates Girder and Tar Pit. They plan to take her hostage as "insurance", however Barry Allen (as the current Flash) speeds in and saves the day.

One notable difference in Folded Man's design is that his grey exoskeleton seems stitched into his actual flesh, instead of being a removable costume.


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This version of the folded man is actually a different person entirely. One of the Acolytes of Zoom, Xolani was a slave to diamond miners in the reaches Southern Africa in the 1800's. Struck by lightning and imbued with the Speed Force, Xolani had gained the ability to teleport vast distances and used this ability to steal from his would be captors. Reasoning that they would no longer enslave his people (along with him and his wife) if they could not profit, Xolani regularly raided their cache of diamonds and would hide them away as he stashed them in a cave.

Despite how careful he was to hide away his stolen diamonds, his wife would find and keep one that Xolani had unknowingly left by accident, leading to the slavers finding it and killing his entire village while he was away. Approached by Zoom and Magali, he was offered a chance for revenge and a chance to master his abilities, which he accepted. Unbeknownst to him, Zoom had actually set this up from the beginning, using his super speed to misplace one of the diamonds that were stolen in his wife's bed. And then tipped off the Slavers to search Xolani's village, all in his scheme to recruit all of his Acolytes touched by the Speed Force in an attempt to kill the Flash (Barry Allen)


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